How often do I need to have my eyes examined?
The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that healthy adults should have their eyes examined every two years. People that wear contact lenses should have their eyes examined every year. People with medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or other chronic or severe medical conditions require more frequent exams. Consult your physician for more information.

How early of an age should I have my child’s eyes examined – and why?
Children should have their first eye exam between the ages of three to five years. Poor vision is one of the leading causes of learning difficulties in elementary age children. Annual exams are recommended until the age of 16.

I do not currently have an eye doctor. Can I get an exam at Rx Optical?
Yes. Our Rx Optical Optometrists are available to provide you with a comprehensive exam to evaluate your vision and the health your eye. Call or stop by any time to make an appointment.

Are eye exams for eyeglasses different from eye exams for contacts?
Yes. Eye examinations for eyeglasses and contact lenses are different but the examinations can be conducted during the same visit for your convenience.

Do I need to have an Rx Optical exam to buy my glasses at Rx Optical?
No. An Rx Optical prescription is not needed to purchase eyeglasses or contacts from us. Simply bring in your current prescription and we can fill it.

How often do I need to get my prescription changed?
A change in prescription will be dictated by changes in your eyesight. If you notice that you are having difficulty reading or driving it may be time for an examination and possibly a change in your prescription. Eyesight will change at different rates as you age. Ask your Rx Optical Optometrist about establishing a regular schedule of eye examinations to meet your individual needs.

What types of lenses are available for my eyeglasses?
Rx Optical manufactures your lenses with world-class equipment at our cutting edge ophthalmic laboratory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Your lenses are made to meet your specific needs for everyday use, work, play, hobby or lifestyle requirements. We make single vision, progressive (no-line bifocals), aspheric (thinner & lighter), specialty, sport, computer and anti-fatigue lenses in all lens materials including high index plastic (thinnest) and polycarbonate (light & impact resistant) materials.

Does Rx Optical offer safety or work prescription glasses?
We specialize in customized prescription safety glasses programs for individual or employer groups. Stop by one of our locations or call our Vision Care Representatives for details at 800-792-2737.

What kind of insurance coverage does Rx Optical accept?
We accept most insurance plans for our patients. See our insurance section for details.

Are the eyeglasses that I buy from Rx Optical covered by a warranty?
Yes. All glasses that Rx Optical makes are covered for 90 days from the date of purchase. You are also eligible for the World’s Best Worry Free Warranty for 25 months. Ask your optician for details on this exceptional coverage.

Do you offer non-prescription sunglasses?
Yes. Rx Optical offers a wide variety of fashion sunglasses with either prescription or non-prescription lenses. Our sunglasses feature UVA and UVB protection.
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Do you offer sport eyeglasses?
Yes. Visit one of our locations to view our selection of sport eyeglasses for children, men and women.

Is information about my eye care and prescription protected the same way as my other medical information?
Yes. Rx Optical is HIPAA compliant.
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Does the Rx Optical Vision Advantage Program (VAP) cover me, or my entire family?
This program covers you and your immediate family members including your spouse and dependent children. To find out how this program can work for you and your family see our VAP section for more details and information

Lasik? I’ve been considering laser vision correction surgery. Can Rx Optical help me?
Yes. Rx Optical works in conjunction with several of the areas leading and most experienced Lasik vision correction specialists. Call our Laser Vision Coordinator at 800-792-2737 for details.

What makes Rx Optical different from other optical providers?
Rx Optical has been taking care of patients in Michigan since 1947. We invest in our Doctors, Opticians and technical staff with training and continuing education to insure that our patients receive the best health care and professional vision experience possible. Our cutting edge ophthalmic laboratory is truly world-class and second to none. We make custom lenses for each patient, one pair at a time, using the best technology available in lens materials and design. We are industry experts: from patient care to billing your insurance. You receive the most advanced eye care at the best price possible.