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If they are like most Americans, and spending an increased amount of time on mobile devices, the answer is probably, not great. And a lack of sleep means a cranky kid, and nobody wants that.

In 2015, Common Sense Media reported teens 13 and up were spending 9 hrs a day in front of a screen. For tweens 8-12 it was 6 hrs. For most kids, that’s All. Day. Long. And while we already know that mobile devices give off blue light and that over exposure to blue light can cause eyestrain, difficulty focusing, dry eyes, light sensitivity and more, did you also know it could be affecting your child’s sleep patterns?


  • Suppresses melatonin, the body’s natural sleep hormone
  • Disrupts the body’s internal clock (making it harder to fall asleep)
  • Disrupts the quality of sleep

If your kids are using their devices before bed, and they probably are, chances are they aren’t getting enough, restful sleep. And we all know how kids are when they don’t sleep. Solve their sleep problems, and save your sanity, with BluTech Lenses. These specially designed lenses filter harmful blue light and prevent blur, glare, and strain, damage to your eyes and a disruption of the sleep cycle.

In kids, a lack of sleep can cause more than a bad case of the grumps. To help your kids stay healthy and get enough sleep, make sure you are protecting them against the harmful effects of prolonged blue light exposure.

If you or your kids experience poor sleep or a lack of sleep, headaches or migraines, eye strain when reading or blurred vision, ask your eye doctor about BlueTech Lenses.

To learn more about blue light and sleep and how BluTech can help your kids get better sleep, give us a call (800) RX CARES.