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Now, we’re not trying to scare you but we do want to educate you. I know we say it all the time, but you only get one pair of eyes – don’t take them for granted.

According to the American Optometric Association, the longer your eyes are exposed to solar radiation, the greater the risk of developing cataracts or macular degeneration later in life. See that is scary.

If you follow the below tips you will protect your eyes all year long (not just in the summer).

  •  Wear UV-blocking sunglasses. Don’t worry we have the best brands and styles, check out our blog on 2017 trends.
  •  Don’t be fooled by an overcast day, the sun penetrates haze and thin clouds.
  •  Never look directly at the sun. This can damage your eye’s retina which is obviously not good.
  •  Throw a hat on your kid along with sunglasses when out and about. Seniors and children are especially susceptible to the sun’s UV rays.

The good thing is this is all preventable and you get to look cool being safe. We encourage our patients to wear sunglasses, just like your dermatologist recommends sunscreen because it is for your own safety.

Take a look at our segment on WZZM13’s My West Michigan, where we discuss sunglass safety in honor of National Sunglasses Day on Tuesday, June 27.

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