Glasses made in France that have made Parisian chic accessible.

Lafont eyewear collections all have one thing in common: a subtly rebellious, discreetly avant-garde touch of refinement. Over 200 colour combinations and a selection of unique mix-and-match material: tartan or Liberty print fabrics sandwiched between two sheets of acetate, panther designs, horn and tortoise shell. Each frame is full of surprises! A deep rooted heritage of French culture and tastes is seen through the works of art created in the workshops of Jura.

The Lafont family has retained full control of its creative design activities and brand image since 1923 through its design studio, which is currently managed by Thomas Lafont. The House of Lafont has obtained the OFG (Guaranteed French Origin) label. The Certification applies to the entire acetate collection, and solidifies Lafont’s position as a pillar of French eyewear manufacturing.
Lafont’s production history dates back more than forty years in close collaboration with the Jura based manufacturer Thierry SA. In order to share this unique characteristic with loyal Lafont fans, the design house registered for OFG certification, authenticating that those products are 100% manufactured in France.

The brand’s expertise and commitment to impeccable quality are now sought after by clients not only in France but worldwide. The Lafont line boasts:

Independent styling accomplished through innovative techniques and traditional know how.

Designs, patterns and colors all intended to surprise and delight the wearer with effortless chic.

Traditional eyewear craftsmanship combined with high-tech, modern French manufacturing techniques.