A Glasses Guide: Five Questions for Rose Denney

Rose Denney, Certified Optician and Office Manager at Rx Optical in Grandville, might well be considered a personal stylist when it comes to glasses.

Her training and education combine both the medical and fashion sides of frames to ensure you feel your most confident. Her instantly transformative frame secret? Pay attention to that angle on the cheekbone.

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Rx Optical expanding presence along the lakeshore

Rx Optical plans to open a third Holland location in the fall.

The Kalamazoo-based eye care chain is slated to open the office, at 590 E. 16th St., in September.
“We have enjoyed serving our patients in Holland since the early 1980’s, and in order to meet the increasing demand, we will be opening our third location in this area,” said George Jepson, Rx Optical vice president of marketing, in a statement.

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Business Growth

“A slow and intentional approach to expansion has been the key to Kalamazoo-based Rx Optical’s 70 years of success.

Rx Optical Vice President of Marketing George Jepson said for the company’s first 23 years, Rx Optical operated just one location. It has since grown to 53 locations throughout Michigan and a handful in Indiana, adding approximately two to three new practices each year.”

Grand Rapids Business Journal, Slow and Steady Wins the Race, 6/16/2017

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National Sunglasses Day

“Tuesday, June 27 is National Sunglasses Day!

To celebrate, Rx Optical is encouraging the community to share their sunglass selfie using the hashtag #SunglassSelfie.

The campaign was launched by The Vision Council to educate on the importance of wearing shades to protect the eyes from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays.”

-WZZM, Celebrating National Eyeglasses Day, 6/27/17

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Training Expansion

“The $6 million expansion of Rx Optical Laboratories Inc.’s corporate campus in Southwest Michigan will support further steady growth for the company.

Key to the project on South State Street in Kalamazoo is expanding Rx Optical’s capacity for training opticians and retail employees, a function that President Steve Jepson calls a fundamental element of the company’s corporate culture and strategy.

The expanded training center at the corporate campus “is all about building great people for the long term,” Jepson said.”

MiBiz, Rx Optical focuses on training capacity with $6 million Kalamazoo expansion, 6/25/2017

70 Years in Business

“For the first 23 years, Rx Optical operated from a single location in Kalamazoo. Now, 70-years after that first optical shop opened for business, there are a total of 53 Rx Optical shops including three in Berrien County as they celebrate their 70th Anniversary in business.

Thanks to their growth over the past 47 years, Rx Optical is now the second-largest independently owned and operated optical retailer in the nation…and the oldest such retailer based in Michigan.”

Moody on the Market, Rx Optical Marks a Seven Decade Milestone, 6/20/2017


New Office Locations

“Rx Optical, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, has followed the same patient-first philosophy since its founding in 1947 here in Kalamazoo. That philosophy, coupled with slow-but-steady growth plans, has enabled Rx Optical to become the leading eyecare provider in the state of Michigan with 53 offices across this state as well as Indiana.

Rx Optical opened its two newest Michigan locations—in Breton Village (Grand Rapids) and Ann Arbor—in May. This is the second Rx Optical office to open in Ann Arbor.”

Vision Monday, Rx Optical Stays True to its Formula for Success and Adds New Offices at Measured Pace, 5/31/2017

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70 Years in Business

Leading eye-care provider, Rx Optical, opened two state-of-the-art offices in Breton Village (Grand Rapids), Mich. and Ann Arbor, Mich. in early May to serve their growing patient base. In Fall 2016 the company opened offices on Drake Road in Kalamazoo, Mich. and Knapp’s Crossing in Grand Rapids, Mich. Rx has 53 locations throughout Michigan and Indiana. New and existing locations provide eye glass lens manufacturing and fitting, medical patient care, eye-care solutions for adults and children, contact lens fitting, adjustments and repair. The new offices are located at 1858 Breton Rd. SE, Grand Rapids, Mich., and 3275 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. This is the second Rx Optical office to open in Ann Arbor.

“From our beginning in 1947 in Kalamazoo, we have expanded at a measured pace, never interested in sacrificing our commitment to our patients to a demand for growth,” said George Jepson, Rx Optical Vice President of Marketing “Steady and sure, our steps forward have come when we could afford to responsibly commit to cities and towns which were being underserved – markets where patient names had become numbers. That’s where we have always seen the opportunity to instill care and value back into a service and products that we see as pretty darn important to the lives of our patients.”

-BenZinga, Michigan Eye Care Provider Celebrates 70 Years in Business; Adds Two State of the Art Offices, 5/23/2017

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Charlotte Office gets facelift

Rx Optical has recently completed a full remodel of their Charlotte, MI office. This office has been in Charlotte since June of 1993 and after 23 years was ready for a facelift.

Rx Optical has 50 locations in Michigan and is dedicated to supporting the local economy. All fixtures and furniture used in the interior remodel were made in Michigan. All Rx Optical Opticians are certified by the American Board of Opticianry or training for their certification; something that is not required in the state of Michigan. Rx Optical bills most insurances including; Eyemed, Spectera, Davis Vision, VSP, NVA, BCBS and many others.

The Charlotte office offers a full line of services including eye exams for contacts and glasses; medical exams and dilations; dress, safety and sun glasses; and contact lenses. Frame lines at this office include; Coach, Ray Ban, Tiffany, Nike, Dolce & Gabbana, Dragon and many more. In addition they carry a line of American Made safety frames from Artcraft.

Louise, Dr. Kong and the rest of the team in Charlotte look forward to showing you their new office. Please visit RxOptical.com/Charlotte for office hours and additional information.

Charlotte Location
New Office exterior just waiting on landscaping!

Charlotte Store Interior
New office interior

Rx Optical opens office in The Village at Knapp’s Crossing

Rx Optical opened its 49th Michigan location today in Grand Rapids at 2000 East Beltline NE. The new office is located in The Village at Knapp’s Crossing, in front of D&W Fresh Market. This location features an extensive line of name brand frames including: Oakley, OGI, Paul Smith, Chloé, Michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, Alain Mikli, Columbia Sun, Nike, Ray Ban, Coach, DKNY, Prada, Ralph, Polo, Tiffany and more.

All glasses are manufactured at Rx Optical’s surfacing and finishing laboratory in Kalamazoo. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are delivered to all 52 Rx Optical locations each night by their own couriers. Rx Optical employs a team of insurance specialists that work with virtually all vision insurance providers. Eye exams are available with Doctors of Optometry and eyewear is designed and dispensed by Certified Opticians.

Rx Optical takes great pride in creating Michigan jobs and supporting Michigan’s economy. The Knapp’s Crossing office is furnished with Herman Miller office solutions, a Zeeland, MI based furniture company, along with custom made fixtures and frame boards from Kalamazoo Custom Woodwork. Rx Optical purchases their office supplies for all 52 of their locations and corporate office from Meijer and use only Ford and GM vehicles for their fleet.

Rx Optical’s headquarters remain in Kalamazoo where they began in 1947. Incorporated in May of 1966, Rx Optical is one of the oldest optical companies in Michigan. They rank #30 in the United States and are one of the largest privately held optical retailers in the country with 52 locations in Michigan and Indiana.

Knapps Crossing Location

2016 Above & Beyond and Service Awards

Congratulations to this year’s Above and Beyond Award recipients! The following employees represent, through their actions and deeds, the culture of excellence, care and service at Rx Optical.

Above Beyond Award

Brian Weller, O.D.
Susan Barber – Administrative Office
Shawna Theodore-Schrock – Lab Office
Amy Bottger – Assistant Manager of Sturgis
Austin Burgoyne – Optician at Niles
Courtney Hanna – Optician at Kendallville
Nicholas Haas – Optician at Hastings
Jaclyn Piascik – Manager of Jackson East
Kristina Robbins – Optician at Allen Park
Maura Welsh – Optician at Ann Arbor
Lisa Herrera – Optician at Alpine
Diana Castellanos – Optician at Holland South
Matthew Evenocheck – Optician at Plainfield Avenue
Artezha Scott – Optician at Grand Rapids
Erin Cory – Assistant Manager of Grand Haven
Lilly Jonkman – Optician at Cascade
Mechelle Thomasma – Assistant Manager of West Main

We also celebrated our 2016 Service Awards at a Motown themed banquet. Thank you to the following employees for your years of dedication.
30 Year Anniversary
Henry Hosbein

25 Year Anniversaries
Jane Mendez
Jeanne Brink
John Hatt
Keri Johnson

20 Year Anniversaries
Bob Klobucher
Christine VanDeWeghe, O.D.
Shawna Theodore

15 Year Anniversaries
Piper Spaedt
Tom Langley

10 Year Anniversaries
Annette Beckman
April Lambert
Lisa Herrera
Rose Marie Fullers

5 Year Anniversaries
Aaron Pritchett
Amber Brewer
Andrea Bowmar, O.D.
Brian Weller, O.D.
Chelsea Perry
Jeanne Greene
Joshua Jones
Linda Craw
Nicole Osborn
Paige Sherrill
Steven Myers
Wendy Van Oosterum
Zeb Boetcker


Kalamazoo, MI – Rx Optical recently completed an extensive exterior and interior renovation and expansion at their St. Joseph office located at 2008 Washington Avenue (269) 983-1303.
Rx Optical invested over $365,000 in the project that includes new state-of-the-art eye examination equipment. Their space has doubled allowing for more patient space in the eyeglass show room and expanded examination rooms.

Rx Optical has 51 locations in Michigan and Indiana featuring an extensive selection of eyeglass frames including famous brands like: DVF, Tory Burch, PRADA, Cole Haan, Oliver Peoples, LaFont, Dragon, Paul Smith, Lilly Pulitzer, Lilly Girls, Ray Ban, Oakley, Polo, Flexon, Oga, Lightec, Nike, Ralph Sun, Maui Jim Sun, Original Penguin, Nautica Sun, Lacoste, Kensie Girls, Jelly Bean, and TMX.

All glasses are manufactured at Rx Optical’s surfacing and finishing laboratory in Kalamazoo. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are delivered to all 51 Rx Optical locations each night by their own couriers. Rx Optical employs a team of insurance specialists that work with virtually all vision insurance providers, including Whirlpool and Lakeland Healthcare’s vision insurance plans. Eye exams are available with Doctors of Optometry and eyewear is designed and dispensed by American Board Certified Opticians.

Rx Optical takes great pride in creating jobs in Michigan and supporting Michigan based companies. Their office will is furnished with Herman Miller office solutions, a Zeeland, MI based furniture company, and custom made fixtures and frame boards from Kalamazoo Custom Woodwork. Rx Optical also uses Ford vehicles for their courier and fleet vehicles and purchases office supplies for all 51 of their locations from Meijer.

Rx Optical maintains their headquarters in Kalamazoo. Incorporated in May of 1966, Rx Optical is one of the oldest optical companies in Michigan. They rank #30 in the United States and are one of the largest privately held optical retailers in the country with 51 locations in Michigan and Indiana.

St Joseph office

St Joseph office Interior

Rx Optical Expands and Moves South Park St. Location

Located at the bottom of Westnedge Hill at 1727 S. Park St, Rx Optical opened a new office January 4th 2016. The new sign at the bottom of the hill lets you know you’re getting close!

The stylish office boasts bright colors and much more inviting décor. The furnishings are made in Michigan from Herman Miller and the frame boards come from Krogel Custom Woodwork of Kalamazoo. The office has a warm and inviting feel, as well as, a larger frame selection and convenient parking.

This new Rx Optical office is also the home of their new Medical Patient Center. Patients with special medical conditions will be sent to this office for additional clinical analysis of their condition. Dr. Audrey Farnsworth will use new state-of-the-art instruments including a Retina Camera and 3-D Scanning Laser Technology to analyze, diagnose and manage patient eye health.

Be sure to check out the new Rx Optical!

westnege hill location

westnege hill interior

Rx Optical Offers BluTech Lenses to Reduce Digital Eye Strain

As the amount of time we spend each day on some type of electronic device continues to rise, so does the amount of strain we put on our eyes. Artificial blue light refers to the light that is emitted from cell phones, tablets, computers, and many other devices. Blue light tells our brains to remain alert and awake, hence why we hear we shouldn’t be on our phones so close to bedtime. The blue light emitted from these devices tells our brains that it is daytime and we should be awake, making it difficult to fall asleep and get rest. Blue light is also hard on the eyes in that it may lead to cumulative damage of retinal cells. Age Related Macular Degeneration, the leading cause of blindness over the age of 50, can be caused by overexposure of blue light.

A solution to the problems associated with blue light, would be to not expose ourselves so much, but how practical is that?

Rx Optical is now offering BluTech lenses, which are designed to reduce the eye strain associated with our digital devices. The lenses filter high energy visible light that can help reduce headaches, eliminate fatigue, allow more restful nights, and eliminate potential damage to your eyes. With the use of BluTech lenses, 93% of visible blue light is blocked, immensely helping the overall strain we put on our eyes on daily basis.

Visit any one of Rx Optical’s 51 locations for your BluTech lenses.

Nike Vision at Rx Optical

This year Rx Optical has brought in Reps from Nike to train employees on products and brand images. The training sessions were designed to help Rx Optical opticians and managers become aware of the brands, trends, and benefits of Nike Vision to better serve patients.

The Nike training, which took place April 21-24, was held at the Rx Optical Corporate Offices in Kalamazoo. Rx Optical is one of the select Nike distributors in Michigan. Nike reps trained Rx Optical employees on Nike Vision.

Nike has combined the science of vision with their expertise in sports to make premium products for adults, teens, and children. Nike has created frames with bold styling and performance for even the toughest athletes. Active Tech is a group of frames for ages 20-65 looking for a product with technical benefits and high quality materials. Active Core frames are made from premium materials and are super durable and light weight. Nike Express is for teens and young adults with very modern and colorful designs. Nike is the number one brand for consumers ages 5-16 as kids are trying to find their place in sports and searching for their identities. Parents trust the brand and Nike offers durable product choices.

Nike Vision also specializes in sunglasses for athletes. The Compete frames are adjustable, are made from the best materials, and have optimum features for specific sports. They are feather light for running, provide maximum peripheral vision for baseball, and special tinted lenses for golfers. The Train frames have fewer adjustable features than Compete frames, but they are still designed for sport usage with rubber nose pads and temple inserts. Express frames are all about style with a touch of sportiness.

Nike Vision offers many different choices for many different athletes. It is a trusted brand among adults, teens, and children of all ages. Rx Optical opticians are trained in all areas of Nike Vision and are able to dispense the best possible glasses to their patients.

nike run glasses