Cinnamon sticks next to an orange leaf on a blue plate.

Our Team’s Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Maybe it’s the football or the parade, but for us here at Rx Optical, it’s all about enjoying a good meal with friends and family.

We always have Thanksgiving classics like turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, but sometimes, we like to spice it up. Some of our staff has shared their favorite holiday recipes, so we wanted to share them with you, our second family.

No-Knead Dinner Rolls

Simple is always better, right?

This recipe is a staff favorite for exactly that reason. It’s simple, easy and delicious! And because the recipe creates a large sum of dough, it gives the baker the capability to make two different types of rolls.

We love to split the dough in two and create a morning sweet roll and a classic dinner roll. Of course, the flavors are up to you, but we absolutely love these blueberry lemon sweet rolls. Just be sure to share them with your loved ones this coming holiday.

Candied Sweet Potatoes

These candied sweet potatoes are a Thanksgiving must, according to our staff, and sweet potatoes are great for your eye health, too. Plus, this is even a no peel recipe! All you need to do is clean and scrub your sweet potatoes or yams (your choice), boil until they’re tender, and the skins will fall right off.

Cut your potatoes into half inch slices and throw them in a skillet with brown sugar, butter, water and salt. Let them all mingle, and tada! You have a yummy and simple dish that even your pickiest relative will love.

Spoon Bread Casserole

If you love corn bread and casserole, look no further. This recipe was made for you.

This spoon bread casserole is a twist on a classic dry bread. It’s filled with moisture and is absolutely delicious.

Made with corn, dry mix, sour cream, eggs and butter, this recipe is a must have on your Thanksgiving menu. And while the recipe says it makes 6-8 servings, in our experience it’s so good, it will be devoured before it’s even on the table. Be sure to double the portions. Your family will thank you!

Pumpkin Roll

What is Thanksgiving without a pumpkin dessert? Well, it would still be Thanksgiving, but we sure do love this pumpkin roll recipe!

This pinwheel roll-up is perfect for any cream cheese lover, and it’ll be sure to leave your sweet tooth happy and satisfied. While the photos of these even and perfectly rolled desserts make it seem easy, trust us, the perfect spiral will come with practice. Don’t be discouraged, though! Even if your roll isn’t Instagram worthy, it will still receive a five-star rating from your taste buds.

We love sharing our traditions with you. It’s just another way for us to show you that we care! While you’re planning your Thanksgiving meal, be sure to remember to include foods that are good for your eye health. Your family will love the nutritious and delicious meal.

Want to talk more about favorite recipes while getting your eyes checked? Come see us. We can’t wait!