BluTech Lenses - Blue Light Protection. Perfected.

BluTech users report better sleep – allowing you to be more productive the next day. Experience less eye strain and fewer headaches from digital devices and artificial light.

Protect your eyes from over exposure to blue light emitted from LED TVs, computers, cell phones, and tablets. BluTech lenses improve contrast, clarity, visual acuity and night vision and most importantly improve your quality of sleep.

Overexposure to blue light may put you at risk for: Sleep problems, eye strain, headaches, migraines, and macular damage.

BluTech Lenses filter blue light via a unique, patented combination of Ocular Lens Pigment and melanin.  No other clear lens filters more of the damaging blue light known to be associated with blur, glare, macular damage, and sleep cycle disruption without distorting color.

A man stares at a screen, while an illustration shows harmful bluelight reflecting off of his Bluetech lenses before it can reach his eyes.
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