New Rx Optical Optometrist Certifications

The American Board of Opticianry offers certifications for eye care professionals. These credentials help to ensure that the optometrists are equipped with current and applicable knowledge so they can help you with your eye care needs.

Rx Optical is happy to employ several certified optometrists that help our patients on a daily basis. We’re proud to have the following 2019 American Board of Opticianry Certified opticians working hard to help you with your eye care needs:

  • Josie Brown, ABOC
  • Kathylee Brown, ABOC
  • Natalie DeJong, ABOC
  • Michael DeWitt, ABOC
  • Sirena Dowden, ABOC
  • Samantha Gaul, ABOC
  • Juana Gutierrez, ABOC
  • Nathan Hamilton, ABOC
  • Haliee Hicks, ABOC
  • Jennifer Hoyt, ABOC
  • Mindy Lill, ABOC
  • Jessica Love, ABOC
  • Lillian MacArthur, ABOC
  • Stacy Mathews, ABOC
  • Aubrey Ritter, ABOC
  • Imani Rivers, ABOC
  • Erica Ruder, ABOC
  • Clarissa Scanlon, ABOC
  • Anna Schneider, ABOC
  • Kirstin Scott, ABOC
  • Frankie Shepard, ABOC
  • Karen Strawsine, ABOC
  • Cianna Templet, ABOC
  • Amanda Thompson, ABOC
  • Alysen Webb, ABOC
  • Nicholas Wright, ABOC

Click here to learn more about the American Board of Opticianry Certification and be sure to schedule an appointment with our team.