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As we age, so does our vision. In the past, the need for reading glasses combined with near-sightedness meant the dreaded bifocal lens. Given the fairly obvious line across the glass separating the reading from the distance lens, bifocals can often make us feel older than we really are. But, maturing vision doesn’t mean your glasses have to make you look or feel old.

Progressive lenses are a multifocal alternative to traditional bifocals or trifocals. Instead of an abrupt transition from one power to another, progressive lenses offer a seamless progression between viewing distances.

Rather than a harsh separation from one lens to another, a “corridor” of optimum power runs vertically down a progressive lens. The size and the frame of the corridor will be determined based on measurements of your eye in order to ensure you can comfortably and naturally shift from one power to another (so get into your eye doctor ASAP if you need a progressive lens!).

Progressive lenses also prevent “image jump,” a problem caused by traditional bifocals. Sharply defined boundaries between two lenses can make an image appear to jump as your eyes move between the powers. This can be disconcerting and uncomfortable. Progressive lenses prevent this.

If you’re looking for the most advanced progressive lens, Rx Optical provides FOCUS iD lenses, digital progressive lenses made in Michigan, by us. These lenses provide clear vision, a more usable lens area, and more comfortable peripheral viewing than traditional progressive lenses. To fit your lenses to your vision we measure your vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, and frame wrap then create digitally mapped lenses that are individually customized.

For a more affordable option, we also offer standard Novel Progressive Lenses, allowing you the freedom of no-line bifocals at a great price.

Obviously, we need your measurements to get started. So, before you age your eyes by signing up for bifocals, stop in and find out which progressive lenses are right for you.