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The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

Getting the perfect prescription lens is simple; all you need to do is schedule an appointment with us, and we take care of the rest! We can also help you choose the right type of frame, but finding ones that match your style is completely up to you.

We offer a lot of frame options, so we know that sometimes, people can get a little overwhelmed. That’s why we’re putting together some tips to help you find the perfect frame to flatter your face.

Do you know your face shape? There are frames to compliment every type of face. People have different face shapes, which are classified into six different types: oval, round, square, diamond, pear and heart. Keep reading to figure out which frames will make your features shine.

Oval Face Shape

Those with proportionally balanced and slightly curved jawlines fall in the oval face category, which is the most versatile face shape for glasses. Almost all frame shapes will flatter your features. Still, we recommend a rectangular frame, like these frames from bebe, which will help add structure to your curved features.


Round Face Shape

People with round faces have wide and long faces that lack prominent cheekbones. Our recommendation for a round face shape is an oversized, square or rectangular frame, like these frames from Burberry. By adding dimension with a large frame, you can draw others’ gaze to your eyes and give your face a slimmer appearance.


Square Face Shape

Those with square faces typically have wide and angular jawlines and foreheads. Because of the sharp features, we recommend that those with this face shape opt for a round-edged or soft-edged frame. Shapes like a cat-eye, brow-line or classic round frames, like these frames from Flexon, will help to add a soft dimension to your angular face.


Diamond Face Shape

Just like the shape, a diamond face has a narrow forehead and jawline, and it features prominent cheekbones. Our frame recommendation is similar to that for people with square faces, since a round frame will help to add softness and curves to your striking features. Avoid square frames and try an oval or round frame, like these frames from Original Penguin.


Pear Face Shape

A pear face shape is defined by a broad jawline and chin with a narrower forehead and smaller cheekbones. For those with this face shape, we recommend a browline shaped frame, which will help to even out the face’s proportions. Try these ÖGA frames, which have an open bottom and thin, sleek top.


Heart Face Shape

Last but not least, there are heart shaped faces! Those who have broader foreheads, prominent cheekbones and narrower chins fall into this category. We recommend either round or rectangular frames, depending on where you fall on the heart-shaped spectrum. A round frame will help add softness for those with a more angular chin, while a rectangular frame can help add shape for those who fall on the rounder end of the spectrum. Regardless, we think these frames from Lafont are a good fit, no matter the shape.


We can give advice and recommendations, but at the end of the day, we want you to find some frames that fit your style. Schedule an appointment and try on a few pairs. You never know what you might find.

With the right plan, wearing glasses can become an easy habit.


At Rx Optical, we know that glasses can be an important aspect of a child’s health, but we also know that it can be difficult to convince kids to wear them every day. The idea of getting glasses, wearing them daily, and keeping them clean can seem daunting for both parents and kids. But, with the right plan, wearing glasses can become an easy habit; here are our top tips that will make the process a lot simpler:

The eye exam will be helpful in deciding if your child needs glasses or not, and from there, what kind of glasses they need. Not sure if your kids need an exam yet? Check out this blog on how to know when you child needs glasses. And although they may not need glasses right away, we still highly recommend regular eye exams in order to monitor any changes in vision.

Before the exam, brainstorm questions that your child can ask that you know they will find interesting. If your son or daughter loves science, prep him or her to ask about eye anatomy. Or, maybe the equipment will seem cool to children who like robots and machines: what questions can be asked to learn more? Our friendly staff is happy to answer questions that will make sure your child feels safe and interested.

If an exam determines that it is time for your child to get glasses, don’t worry, picking frames is the fun part! We encourage kids to try on a variety of different frames in order to find ones that are comfortable and that make them feel confident.

Letting your child pick out their own frames, and ones that they love, will make it feel like the glasses were ultimately their decision.

You’ve made it back home with your glasses, now what? It is important to let your kids know that wearing glasses at all times is the new normal. Practice taking the glasses straight on and off with two hands. Keeping the glasses clean is especially important to ensure that they are able to see through the lenses. Teach your child how to clean their lenses properly and let it become their responsibility. Make sure their glasses are being put in the same safe place at night, ideally in their case on a level surface.

Kids like to play rough when they’re outside, so the idea of wearing their new glasses when they’re playing may be nerve-wracking. While safety is important, we offer a worry-free warranty that covers scratched, broken, or lost eyeglasses for 12 months and comes with a cleaning kit. We also offer options for additional pairs of glasses. While it is important to talk about and remind your child to be safe with their glasses, we know that kids will be kids, and accidents will happen.

If your child is in sports, be sure to check out our sports glasses, which offer unparalleled levels of protection.

At Rx Optical, we are partners with you in wanting what’s best for your child’s vision. We are here to help you and your child receive the best eye care so that their future is as clear and bright as their vision.

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