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2020 Vision: Eyewear Trends in the New Year

Drum roll, please!

The ball has dropped, the calendar has flipped, and the confetti has been thrown! A new year means we once again get to identify this year’s upcoming trends. And we don’t just mean any trends‒we’re talking about eyewear trends!

So, sit down and buckle in, because we are talking all things trendy for 2020 (and 20/20) vision! From color to style, we’ve got you covered for making this year’s you the most stylish one yet.


Everyone loves a throwback or vintage feel. That’s why this season, we’re inspired by 90s fashion icons. Forget about the cat eye look and head straight for the round frames. We love wire frames with sleek style like these ones from Polo Ralph Lauren (Rx SKU: 8053672797794)!

Trust us. Pair them with a jean jacket and some high-top shoes. You’ll nail the look and have great vision. It’s a win-win!

90s glasses

Clear Frames

Some things never go out of style, and clear frames are definitely on that list.

This frame from Oliver Peoples (Rx SKU: 827934414617) is the perfect pair of glasses because it goes with absolutely everything! No matter the outfit, your glasses will add a great finishing touch. The other wonderful feature of clear frames is that you can find them in almost every shape. If you have your eye on a certain style, grab them in clear and you’re good to go!

Clear Frames


Let’s talk patterns!

This year, we are loving the tortoise pattern, especially in the traditional brown speckled style. Just like the clear frames, this pattern is widely popular and comes in almost every shape of frame. So, reference the best frames for your face shape, and then find a pair in tortoise! It’s as simple as that!

If you are feeling fun and wild, try these fun green tortoise frames from ­­­Longchamp (Rx SKU: 886895327060).

Tortoise Frames

Chunky Frames

2020 is the year for being big and bold! Show off that confidence with a pair of chunky frames, like these frames from Coach (Rx SKU: 725125995788).

The oversized frames are a perfect statement look that will set you and your eyes in motion for a fabulous year.

Chunky Frames


If you are a frequent reader, you know we are all about eye health and encourage you to wear sunglasses all year long! So, this year, we want you to start off strong by wearing sunglasses, even in the winter.


Try stopping in for distinctive frames and effective lenses. Just take a look at these frames from Ray-Ban (Rx SKU: 805289742470). Don’t they just make you want to slip on some shades?

We think the best way to start a new year is to ensure your eyes are happy and healthy. Schedule an appointment with us! Once we assess your eyes, we’ll help you find the perfect pair of glasses to set you up for a great 2020.

Rx Optical Blog Image Best Gifts for People with Glasses 12.12.19

The Best Gifts for People with Glasses

There’s more to the holiday season than gifts, presents, and shiny boxes with bows. Still, it’s fun to share a small token of your appreciation with the people you hold near and dear to your heart, especially when the gift is meaningful.

For us, a good present isn’t about the cost, the glitz or the glam. It’s about how thoughtful and practical it is.

This holiday season, we encourage you to put a little planning behind your gift giving. Luckily for you, if you’re buying for someone who wears glasses, we’ve got you covered.

Keep ‘Em Clean

If you don’t wear glasses, you will never understand the frustration that comes from a dirty lens. Still, we’ll try to put it in perspective.

Think about driving with an extremely dirty windshield. There is nothing more frustrating, right? Well, the same goes for lenses! Having smudges, fingerprints and dirt in front of your eyes is extremely irritating, and it makes it difficult to see clearly.

Keep your friends seeing clearly this holiday with a cleaning cloth, wipe or kit! There are many options, but if you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, our suggestion is a microfiber cloth. If you’re interested in something bigger, come in and grab one of our PHD-50 Lens Cleaning Kits. They include a 6-ounce cleaner spray bottle, 30 pre-moistened lens cloths, and a microfiber cloth, so your glasses-wearing loved one will be prepared for anything.

Show Off Style

Protecting your glasses from scratches can be hard if you don’t have a protective coating on your lenses. Give the gift of safety with a fun and decorative glasses case.

Not only are protective cases practical, but they’re available in many different colors and patterns. Start by choosing between a hardshell case, a patterned case, or even a fuzzy one. Next, select a pattern. Finding the perfect glasses case is a great way to show how well you know your loved one. They will thank you, and so will their glasses!

Be Prepared

We know life gets messy, accidents happen, and things can break. For your accident-prone loved one, we recommend the gift of repairs! Many eyeglass repair kits include all the essential tools for a minor fix, including screws, a magnifying glass, a microfiber cloth and a carrying case.

While a kit can help with minor damage, you’ll need a professional for big accidents. Include our contact information with your gift so your loved one will be prepared. We offer a Worry-Free Warranty to all of our clients, which is a sure way to save money and time.

Still stuck? Come see us. We have gifts cards that are great for when you’re in a pinch. Plus, we’d love to talk with you about your best gift ideas. Happy shopping!

a photo of a girl trying on glasses. An Rx Optical doctor watches her.

Transitions: Photochromic Lens Basics

Did you know that Transitions is the name of the brand (which we offer), and not the term for a lens that changes colors? Yup. The lenses that appear clear (or nearly clear) while indoors and automatically darken when exposed to natural light are called photochromic lenses.

Transitions happens to be one of the best-selling brands of photochromic lenses in the United States, which is why many people confuse the name of the brand with the name of the product itself.

Photochromic lenses offer a lot of benefits that you might not know about, so keep reading to find out more.

UV Ray Protection

Photochromic lenses are cool and outrageously convenient. Because the lenses change color when they are exposed to harmful UV rays, your eyes are instantly protected from the sun while you’re wearing them.

See, sunglasses help protect your eyes from UV rays, which is good, because these rays can cause irreversible damage like cataracts or macular degeneration. By wearing lenses that shift into sunglasses, your eyes are better protected from the sun than they would be without sunglasses.

Versatile Options

We know that switching between prescription lenses and sunglasses can get frustrating. That’s why Transitions lenses are a great choice if you’re always on the go. When you have a pair of glasses with photochromic lenses, you get the best of both worlds!

These lenses are also great if you’re constantly misplacing your sunglasses. When your lenses can give you clear vision and UV protection, you only need to worry about keeping track of one pair. If, however, you like keeping fun in the sun separate from your work life, we offer prescription sunglasses, too!

Blue Light Filters

Transitions lenses have more capabilities than you might realize. They can even help to block out blue light from digital devices.

If you’ve never heard of blue light or have no idea where it comes from, that’s no problem! Blue light is emitted by digital screens, and it can interfere with your circadian rhythms. If you don’t wear protection, but you spend a lot of time staring at screens, blue light can even give you eye strain or headaches.

It’s a good thing that most Transitions Lenses now block more light indoors than any other traditional clear lens can! So, if you’re on your devices frequently, Transitions Lenses might be a great solution for you.

We know so many options for eyewear can be confusing. The simple fix is to schedule an appointment with us so we can find the right solution for your eyes and your life style. See you soon!

A woman wearing pink holds up pink tortoise shell glasses while text next to her reads, "Ready to fall in love with your glasses?"

Falling in Love with Your Glasses

Whether you’ve been wearing glasses your entire life, or just got your first pair, it is important that you feel comfortable in your frames and love wearing them. Why? Glasses are an important part of your everyday wardrobe and something that you should be able to have a little fun with. Once you find a perfect pair of glasses that make you swoon, be sure to treat them with extra care.

Ready to fall in love with your glasses? Our team of experts are here to help you find the perfect match.

Finding the Perfect Pair

Just because glasses may be a necessity, or something you depend on, doesn’t mean they can’t also be seen as a fun accessory. With endless style options available, there is no doubt that every person can find a pair of glasses that perfectly suits them.

A great place to start is looking at frames that will complement your face shape, and lucky for you, we have created a guide to help you do just that.

If you’re unsure of what type of frame you are looking for, let our expert team of opticians, who have a great sense of style and knowledge of the latest eyewear trends, help you. By taking many different style factors into account, our team will be able to find you a pair of glasses that you not only love, but that will leave you with a renewed sense of confidence.

Our experienced opticians are dedicated to providing Rx Optical patients with the best experience possible and can help you pick from the more than 40 designer brands that we carry. Try on as many as you need, as we know finding the perfect match takes a little time!

Take Care

After you’ve fallen in love with your glasses, you’ll want to keep them safe and clean. It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time glasses wearer, or just picked up your first pair yesterday, bad habits surrounding your glasses care can develop quickly.

When taking care of your glasses, don’t forget to:

  • Use both hands when putting them on or taking them off, as this will keep frames from becoming misaligned.
  • Keep them on your nose, not on top of your head.
  • Store them in a safe place at night. Whether it is on a level night stand, or in a case, make sure the arms are gently folded in and they are resting on the arms, never the lenses.
  • Clean your lenses regularly.

Keeping your lenses clean is important when it comes to ensuring you are getting the clearest view possible. We carry an effective lens cleaning kit at all of our locations. The Rx Optical PHD-50 Lens Cleaning Kit, which is included with our Worry-Free Warranty, contains a 6-ounce cleaner spray bottle, 30 pre-moistened lens cloths, and a microfiber cloth. Our cleaning solution is safe for all lenses and coatings, and was developed to work fast. The kit is available for $12.95 when purchased separately from our Worry-Free Warranty.

Speaking of our Worry-Free Warranty, it is always better to be safe than sorry. We offer a comprehensive 25-month warranty that will help ease your mind and keep your glasses safe. Our warranty covers scratched, broken, or lost eyeglasses.

Because we want you to love your glasses each and every day, our team at Rx Optical is dedicated to helping you find your perfect match! Not loving your current glasses or think you might need a change? Stop by and see us soon!

Rx Optical Blog Image Eyewear Trends for 2019 12.19.18

Looking Ahead: 2019 Eyewear Trends

As 2018 comes to a close, we are excited for the new and unique eyewear trends that 2019 will bring us. In 2018 we saw sleek, small, and modern frames burst onto the scene not only with readers, but with prescription glasses and sunglasses, too. However, 2019 will reinvent retro styles and put a spin on classic frame shapes in a fun and innovative way!

The Shield

If your resolution for 2019 is to step out of your comfort zone, these frames will hold you to that. 


The shield style was popularized in the early 2000s primarily in sunglasses, and is recognizable as a frame shape that wraps the face and has lenses that extend much further than the typical pair of glasses.

Maui Jim Compass

This style is sporty and looks great in either prescription glasses or sunglasses. We love these grey shield-style sunglasses from Maui Jim and we can create a lens with your specific prescription. Or, if you’re feeling daring, stop in to try on the purple frames that are a fun take on a cat-eye look.


Jonas Paul LCLN/Laurn

Topline frames are a creative spin on a normal solid-color look. They are called topline frames because the top of the frame starts as a design or pattern and blends into a solid color. This design adds a unique element to a typical classic frame, and is sure to be a conversation starter.

We carry many design and color combinations in the topline style, so stop into one of our 54 locations to try them on today.


Oliver Peoples XXV-RX

Transparent frames are newer to the eyewear scene and are similar to an unframed lens style. Celebrities like Oprah and Annette Bening have stepped onto the red carpet wearing transparent frames and helped popularize this fashion-forward style.

Transparent glasses can even give the illusion that you are not wearing any glasses at all, come in and see for yourself!


IC! Berlin 248

Statement glasses never really go out of style, but every year designers push the boundaries to create new ways for glasses wearers to make a statement with their look. Whether it be a bold color, interesting shape, or unique textures, statement glasses will get people talking in 2019.

Celebrate the start of a new year with new glasses. Our style-wise opticians are up to date on all of the latest industry trends and would be happy to help you find the right frames for your face shape and style. Stop in to see our team today! Have questions about our selection of glasses? Give us a call.

Rx Optical Blog Image Gifts for Glasses Wearers 12.10.18

4 Best Gifts for People with Glasses

The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re shopping for the glasses-wearing friend in your life, you’re in luck! Our team has compiled the best list of gifts for those with glasses. And if you wear glasses, don’t be surprised if you add a few of these on your wish list.

Lens Cleaning Kit

A lens cleaning kit is a great gift for those who wear glasses. Not only do clean glasses offer a better view, they actually prevent reflections that can occur and deter vision when wearing glasses while driving or playing in the snow.

We carry an effective kit at all of our locations. The RxOptical PHD-50 Lens Cleaning Kit, which is included with our Worry FreeWarranty, contains a 6-ounce cleaner spray bottle, 30 pre-moistened lens cloths, and a microfiber cloth. Our cleaning solution is safe for all lenses and coatings, and was developed to work fast. The kit is available for $12.95 when purchased separately from our Worry Free Warranty. Stop into one of our 54 locations to pick a kit up for your glasses-wearing friend today!

Winter Sunglasses

Everyone layers on jackets, scarves, and hats during the winter season, but most are forgetting a crucial part of their wardrobe: sunglasses. Just because the sun is not beaming high in the sky does not mean that you are free from harmful UV rays.

The glasses wearer in your life will no doubt love a stylish pair of prescription sunglasses that will protect from UV rays, snow and ice glare, and harsh winter winds. Rx Optical carries a wide variety of sunglasses at all locations that you can choose from this holiday season.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber cleaning clothes are a great stocking stuffer for glasses and sunglass wearers alike. Blended microfibers have the ability to pick up and lock dirt, dust, moisture, and bacteria thanks to their tiny asterisk shape. Microfiber is also positively charged which means it attracts dirt like a magnet.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are inexpensive, easy to find, and serve a variety of uses beyond glasses-wearers too.

Rx Optical Gift Card

Rx Optical Holiday Gift Card Promo Social Image

If all else fails and you are running out of time to order online or make stops at lot of stores, pop into one of our offices and grab a gift card. Investing in a loved one’s eyesight will go beyond just providing clear vision, but also show that you care about their health and wellness. RxOptical gift cards can be used toward an eye examination and any eyewear purchase.

Give a gift that they will not only appreciate but use daily. These gifts are sure to bring a smile to any glasses-wearing friend or family member, and will be put to good use. Have any questions about our gift giving guide? Give us a call! Or, stop in and ask us to help you shop, our opticians are talented and ready to help you find the perfect gift.

Rx Optical Blog Image Fashion Glasses 10.15.18

Fashion Glasses: Necessity and Accessory

From geek to chic, glasses have become a fashion statement, whether they are prescription or not. Glasses have come a long way from big, circular lenses to tons of fun modern designs. Today, glasses are no longer seen as just an aid for vision, instead, glasses are now a fashion statement.

Still, a large majority of the population need glasses to see. In fact, did you know that 3 out of 4 American adults use a form of vision correction?

Whether you need them or not, glasses are a fun addition to any outfit!

Necessity and Accessory

Flashback 20 years ago and think about being told you needed glasses. Your options for choosing a frame that compliments your face and style were slim to none.

Now, the options are endless. As designers have recognized that glasses are not just a medical aid, but also a fashion statement, they have created fun designs and styles that keep up with seasons, trends, and culture.  A surge of styles, fits, and colors are now available to try on and experiment with.

Think Fashion

Fashion changes with the seasons; why limit your glasses to one look? The pastel colors of spring and bright colors of summer call for all kinds of fun frames.

A neutral frame looks classic in the fall, and a fun pop of red is exciting during the winter season.

Don’t be afraid to try trends: circular wire rimmed frames are incredibly popular now.

Our opticians are style-savvy and know what glasses are trending. Not sure where to start? Our trained staff can help you find your style.

Switching up your look with glasses will not only be a conversation starter, but will get you excited about the way you look. Choosing a pair of glasses to go with your outfit in the morning should be like choosing the right jewelry, belts, and shoes.

Wide Range

Since glasses have moved from necessity to accessory, the options for frames have multiplied. There is a plethora of options for whatever look you are going for; in fact, we offer more than 40 designer brands to choose from. Our trained team can help you choose the right frame for your face and the style that fits your personality. Try on as many frames as you need to in order to get the perfect pair.

Find Your Fit

Trying on glasses can be like trying on a pair of jeans. It does not always sound like the most fun way to spend your time, but with the wide selections to choose from, the whole experience has changed.

Ready to get started but you’re not sure where to begin? Check out our blog all about finding the right frame for your face: part one and two. Then head over to your closest Rx location to have an optician help you find your fit.

Looking for glasses regardless of if you need a prescription? Stop into one of our 54 locations to meet with our experienced and friendly staff. We would be happy to help you find the perfect fashion-forward frames for your face and personality!

A Glasses Guide: Five Questions for Rose Denney

Rose Denney, Certified Optician and Office Manager at Rx Optical in Grandville, might well be considered a personal stylist when it comes to glasses.

Her training and education combine both the medical and fashion sides of frames to ensure you feel your most confident. Her instantly transformative frame secret? Pay attention to that angle on the cheekbone.

Read More
rx optical blog image how to pick the right frames for your face pt2 030818


In our last blog, we shared frames for any face shape as well as the best frames for a square face. As promised, we are going to explore round, oval and heart face shapes.

Not sure what shape your face is? Use this guide to determine your shape and then use the tips below to choose your perfect frame from Rx Optical.

An oval face has balanced features with a slightly narrower forehead and jaw. Oval faces work with a wide variety of frames so if this is you, go crazy!

oval frames example
Dolce and Gabana frames are known for having contrasting yet complementary features. The contrast of square against an oval face is a sophisticated way to accent your features.

Those with round faces are known for having full cheeks and a rounded chin. Most likely, your forehead and jaw will be the same width.

If you have a round face,you should choose frames that are wider than they are tall, and have hard angles to complement the soft curves of your face. The cateye is a fun frame that looks great on a round face.

round formatting example

While not as an exaggerated of a cateye as some frames, our Tiffany & Co collection is perfect for those seeking glamour and uniqueness.Inspired by Tiffany’s exclusive diamond collection and recognized icons and logos, these frames represent modern luxury and timeless elegance.

Heart-shaped faces are broadest at the forehead and taper through the jawline to a narrow chin. Otherwise known as an upside down triangle, frames that are slightly wider than the forehead will fit this shape best.


heart frames example

These frames from Ogi Eyewear are distinct in that they are bold, yet wearable. The rectangle frames on the left are the perfect complement to a heart-shaped face.

No matter your face shape, our American Board-Certified Opticians will consult with you and assist in finding eyewear most appropriate for your face, tastes, and prescription.

We would love to hear from you! Share with us your favorite frames in the comment section below.

rx optical blog image how to pick the right frames for your face 021218


Every face is unique. From perfectly round to long and chiseled, every dimple, curve and line is completely yours and should be accented, not hidden, by the frames that help enhance your vision. When it’s time to pick out the perfect frame, use our tips below to help determine the frame shape that will bring out your best features and help them shine.

Not sure what shape your face is? Use this guide to determine your shape and then use the tips below to help choose your perfect frame from Rx Optical.

If you’re still not sure what shape your face is, or you just don’t want to take the time to find out, wayfarer frames are right for you. Wayfarer glasses are characterized by a trapezoidal frame shape and thick rims, and fit most shapes, but mostly those with any roundness to them. At Rx Optical, you can find Dolce & Gabbana wayfarer frames for a glamorous yet unconventional look.
eyeglasses example

No matter your face shape, these might be the frames for you.

Square faces have a prominent jawline that is the same width as the forehead. Curved frames to offset the angles work best on this face.

eyeglasses example

Savile Row frames are handmade to order in England and are just one of the Boutique frames we carry at Rx Optical. These round frames have a famous following and have not only been worn by a wide-range of celebrities, but were also featured in the Harry Potter movies. More than 100 models were made for Daniel Radcliffe, earning them the nickname “The Harry Potter frame.”

We know, there are more face shapes than we’ve listed. Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon! In the meantime, stop in and see us or call to set up an appointment to browse the frames we’ve mentioned! Not sure what you want? Our American Board Certified Opticians will consult with you and help design the eyewear most appropriate for your face, tastes, and prescription! Give us a call! (800) RX-CARES

rx optical blog image what makes rx different 122117


No two people are alike. Which means, no two pairs of glasses should be alike either! Depending on your lifestyle, your personality, your fashion preferences and your vision, you may need (or want) different glasses for different aspects of your life. We make the process simple by providing all styles of glasses in one location, the hard part will be picking just one pair.

Whatever your style, we have a wide selection of frames to meet your needs.

The Fashionista

At Rx Optical we think your glasses and frames should not only enhance your face but should fit every part of you.

No matter your tastes, sensible or on the outer edge of fashion, you’ll find a large curated selection of glasses that are not only fun and functional but also embrace your inner fashionista.

Fashionistas will love the following brands:

Kensie – Kensie is a world of trends with a feminine, yet raw spin and a dose of playful positive charisma.

Michael Kors – Michael Kors’ eyewear collections capture the glamor and effortless sophistication

Ray-Ban – Thanks to investments and the launch of new collections and styles, Ray−Ban has become one of the world’s most iconic brands.

Sports Junkie

Do you play a different sport every season? Do you live an active lifestyle thaty our glasses can’t keep up with? Your vision is precious, prevent unnecessary injury by making sure proper eye protection is worn during practices and games.Even on-the-job industrial safety glasses don’t provide the right eye protection during sports. Our sports goggles form unique shapes and mold to fit your head to stay in place during intense activity. Different frames fit different sports, and your sports frames should match your current prescription so make sure to stop in or give us a call before you hit the court (or field,or track).

The Sports Junkie will score with these brands:

Nike – Products are developed for each category of sport within Nike, which are sport inspired and for the athlete in everyone, from lifestyle sunglasses to ophthalmic frames.

Oakley – Oakley is one of the leading product design and sport performance brands in the world with products that world-class athletes depend on to compete at the highest level possible.

Youth Force – Wiley X brings its legendary protective eyewear technology to a line of RX-able eyewear for youth sports participants.


We have lenses and frames for the whole family! Did you know that an estimated 10 million children age 10 and younger have vision problems? If your child struggles to see across classrooms or read the book in front of them, bring them in. The earlier a problem is detected, the better. And, we have the frames to fit their individual personalities.

For kids, we have your favorite brands available for our young counterparts! Look for:

Ray-Ban Jr.

Lacoste Kids/Youth

Nike Flexon Kids

No matter what frames you choose, you’re uniquely you. Stop by or call Rx Optical (800)RX-CARES) and experience the Rx Difference.

American Made Safety Frames

Rx Optical is now offering American Made ArtCraft Safety Frames. The stainless steel frames are made in Rochester, New York by ArtCraft, founded in 1918, and provide the highest quality standards in prescription safety eyewear. The strong, corrosion resistant, and lightweight frames are offered in contemporary designs, as well.

Rx Optical’s Kalamazoo, Michigan laboratory makes all lenses for a 100% American Made product. Visit any of Rx Optical’s 52 Michigan and Northern Indiana locations for the best in prescription safety eyewear.

american made Series Frames