A photo of a girl wearing glasses and her school bag.

Back-to-School Eyewear Trends

Starting a new school year gives you the opportunity to reinvent and restyle yourself. We think the best place to start is a sweet pair of frames, which is why we have the hippest new styles that your friends are going to go wild over. We are seeing a demand for the three most classic styles of glasses: transparent, bold black, and tortoiseshell frames.

Did you know that basic vision screenings like the ones you get at school only identify 5% of vision problems in children? That’s why it’s so important to book an eye exam at one of our 55+ locations.

To get ready for a brand-new school year, schedule an eye exam, read this amazing blog, and get ready to pick out the best back-to-school frames.

Totally Transparent

Make a statement with these transparent frames from Oliver Peoples. The company bases all of their designs on 1940-1950s fashion, which means they never go out of style. Did we mention that they match anything in your wardrobe? It’s a win-win.


Classic Black

Guys, geek is chic. Black rectangular frames are where it’s at. You don’t have to commit to the classic shape to rock this look either. Try a cat-eye or oval frame. No matter what you choose, rock your look.

We love OGI frames for kids because they are practically kid-proof! Stop in to see what we mean.


Sleek Tortoiseshell

We suggest going wild on the color, because color is cool.

Ever wonder why they call them tortoiseshell? They were designed with the speckled look of turtles in mind. Pretty cool, right? These frames come in a wide variety of colors like brown and black speckle or a fun purple and pink speckle combination.


Lilly Pulitzer is known for fun, bright designs, so we love this take on a tortoiseshell. Want a more neutral look? We have that, too!

We can’t wait for you and your family to stop in and find the perfect back-to-school look. Set up your appointment and get ready to crush the new school year!

Rx Optical Blog Image Eyewear Trends for 2019 12.19.18

Looking Ahead: 2019 Eyewear Trends

As 2018 comes to a close, we are excited for the new and unique eyewear trends that 2019 will bring us. In 2018 we saw sleek, small, and modern frames burst onto the scene not only with readers, but with prescription glasses and sunglasses, too. However, 2019 will reinvent retro styles and put a spin on classic frame shapes in a fun and innovative way!

The Shield

If your resolution for 2019 is to step out of your comfort zone, these frames will hold you to that. 


The shield style was popularized in the early 2000s primarily in sunglasses, and is recognizable as a frame shape that wraps the face and has lenses that extend much further than the typical pair of glasses.

Maui Jim Compass

This style is sporty and looks great in either prescription glasses or sunglasses. We love these grey shield-style sunglasses from Maui Jim and we can create a lens with your specific prescription. Or, if you’re feeling daring, stop in to try on the purple frames that are a fun take on a cat-eye look.


Jonas Paul LCLN/Laurn

Topline frames are a creative spin on a normal solid-color look. They are called topline frames because the top of the frame starts as a design or pattern and blends into a solid color. This design adds a unique element to a typical classic frame, and is sure to be a conversation starter.

We carry many design and color combinations in the topline style, so stop into one of our 54 locations to try them on today.


Oliver Peoples XXV-RX

Transparent frames are newer to the eyewear scene and are similar to an unframed lens style. Celebrities like Oprah and Annette Bening have stepped onto the red carpet wearing transparent frames and helped popularize this fashion-forward style.

Transparent glasses can even give the illusion that you are not wearing any glasses at all, come in and see for yourself!


IC! Berlin 248

Statement glasses never really go out of style, but every year designers push the boundaries to create new ways for glasses wearers to make a statement with their look. Whether it be a bold color, interesting shape, or unique textures, statement glasses will get people talking in 2019.

Celebrate the start of a new year with new glasses. Our style-wise opticians are up to date on all of the latest industry trends and would be happy to help you find the right frames for your face shape and style. Stop in to see our team today! Have questions about our selection of glasses? Give us a call.