A family cross country skis in a Michigan forest.

Michigan Winter Family Fun

If you follow us on social, you know we encourage our followers to explore our beautiful state using the hashtag, #sightseeingsaturday. While the warmer summer months make it easier to go outside, we here at Rx Optical absolutely love winter. The snowy season is a great time for family bonding activities.

So, strap on your boots, grab your scarf and pull out your mittens. We’re about to talk about all things winter, family and, as always, fun.

Take a Hike

We say it a lot, and we’ll say it again! Get outside and enjoy the breathtaking views of our amazing state. We love hiking, no matter the season.

There is nothing like a fresh coat of snow on the winding paths of some of our favorite Michigan hikes. If there is too much snow to take a leisurely walk in your winter boots, grab a pair of snowshoes! In the winter, snowshoeing is a great family activity that gives you the opportunity to get outside even on the snowiest of days.

Just remember to dress for the occasion and pack your sunglasses for your outdoor adventure. It’s important to protect your eyes from UV rays, even in the winter!

Hit the Slopes

What better way is there to spend your wintery days than strapped to a pair of skis?

While Michigan might not be the most mountainous state, it does have a great variety of beginner-friendly, downhill skiing options. If downhill isn’t your thing, there are also plenty of cross country paths throughout the state.

Take your family out on an adventure and tackle the slopes. Don’t forget your protective eye wear! Wearing goggles while skiing can do more than benefit your vision; it can also protect your eyes from harsh winds and the sun reflecting off of the snow.

Spread Some Cheer

The holidays are a great time to get involved in your community, since many cities have holiday markets, parades and other events.

We love family and community bonding opportunities, which is why we suggest taking a look at your local community website to find any upcoming winter events near you!

Maybe you live in Grand Rapids and are excited for the holiday market, or perhaps you’re a Detroit native looking forward to skating at Campus Martius. If you’re in Lansing, make sure to check out the Holiday Lights Stadium Style, and if you’re in Kalamazoo, be sure to check out the dazzling zoo lights.

Regardless of the event you find, be a part of your community this winter. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy a little quality time with your family!

Want to hear more from us about our favorite winter activities? Schedule an eye exam with us. We would love to chat with you while we examine your eyes!

Rx Optical Blog Image Fall Activities 10.03.19

Favorite Fall Michigan Activities

Fall is a season that seems to go as quickly as it comes. Luckily, since we live and work in Michigan, we have the luxury of enjoying all the best parts of the season.

There is so much to do in our beautiful state, but there are some specific things we think Michigan does best during the fall season. So, before autumn disappears, you absolutely must check out our favorite fall activities.

Take a Hike

What’s not to love about changing leaves and cool, crisp fall air?

We love to get outside and explore during the fall season. It’s a great opportunity to take in the natural beauty of Michigan while soaking up the last few drops of warm weather. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out our blog on the best hiking trails in Michigan.

If the weather is cold or rainy, make sure to take a drive through a tree-lined road to see all the colors of fall. Bring glasses with an updated prescription when you go sightseeing, so you don’t miss out on any details.

Carve a Pumpkin

Nothing screams fall quite like pumpkins.

Decorating pumpkins is an activity that never seems to get old! Whether you paint or carve them, pumpkins are the perfect creative fall outlet. Head to the nearest pumpkin patch, select your pumpkin and get decorating. Once you’re done carving, you can even roast the seeds. They make for the perfect fall snack.

Don’t think we forgot about other amazing pumpkin flavored treats. We love pumpkin everything: pie, bread, muffins, lattes, donuts…we could go on, but you get the picture. We suggest consuming some of those, too, to really get in the autumn spirit.

Pick Some Apples

Just like pumpkins, apples are another key part of autumn. In fact, one of the best ways to enjoy a Michigan fall is to visit an apple orchard. We suggest taking a trip with your friends and family to visit an orchard near you.

If you’re in Grand Rapids, try checking out Robinette’s Apple Haus and Winery. Ann Arbor natives can enjoy an apple from Wiard’s Orchards, and people from Lansing can check out Spicer Orchards Farm Market for some fun.

Nothing beats strolling through the lines of apple trees and picking a few favorites to bring home. While you’re there, don’t forget to grab some hot apple cider to warm up, too.

When you hit the orchards, be sure to bring a pair of polarized sunglasses. UV rays can harm your vision, even on a cloudy day, so make sure to rock your shades all fall long.

Get Cozy

We all know that Michigan weather can be a bit unpredictable. So, when the weather doesn’t allow you to explore outside, staying inside comes with its own list of fun fall activities. Try baking or cozying up with a good book next to the fire. We find blankets and books to be the perfect combination for those cold and rainy Michigan days.

When you read, be sure your surroundings are well lit and that you’re taking breaks to avoid eye strain. Remember: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Regardless of what you like to do during the fall, we want you to be able to enjoy the beauty of the season with healthy vision. Schedule an appointment with us. We always love getting to see you.

Rx Optical Blog Image Last Minute Summer Fun 08.07.19

Last-Minute Summer Fun in Michigan

Can you believe that the summer is almost over? It seems like we just had our first beach day…and now it is back-to-school time! Don’t forget we are offering $19 exams for kids age 4 to 18 through September 30th.

Before we head into fall, we want to make sure you squeeze as much as you can out of your Michigan summer. We worked really hard on these awesome suggestions for making the most of your dwindling summer days.

Grab your family and hit the road, be sure to tag us in your photos – #myrxframes or #rxoptical.

Visit Your Nearest Garden

Our state is filled with so much natural beauty, did you know we have over 100 state parks? If you are looking for an easy to get to destination, head to one of our state’s amazing botanical gardens. No matter where you live, there’s one close to you. West Michigan has the Frederik Meijer Gardens, while Central Michigan should stop by the MSU Horticulture Gardens, and Ann Arbor residents can head to Matthaei Botanical Gardens.

Explore Underwater

We’ve already shared our favorite places to play in and on the water, did you know you can also explore under the water and learn all about shipwrecks.

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary is located in Alpena, and it’s one of the best places to learn all about what’s under the water. This location is complete with artifacts from shipwrecks, a 93-seat theater, and more.

Hop in a glass-bottomed boat with Alpena Shipwreck Tours to get an in-person look at sunken ships. Their boat tours will take you over some of the local shipwrecks to get up and personal with wrecks without diving in.

Pack polarized sunglasses for your trip. They’ll protect your eyes from UV rays and cut down on the glare from the water so you can see clearly.

Go on a (safe) Bear Walk

If your family love animals, Oswald’s Bear Ranch in Newberry is so COOL. It’s the largest bear ranch in the United States, and it’s located right here in Michigan.

They are home to over forty free roaming black bears, visitors are kept safe behind barriers. 4 p.m. is the bears’ regular feeding time, so you can observe them chowing down. Be sure to get your picture taken with a bear cub, when else will you get that up close and personal? It’s only $10, and the proceeds go towards rescuing more bears.

We sure do love the Mitten ❤️, we can’t wait to hear all about your excursions. Tag us in your photos, use the hashtags #rxoptical or #myrxframes.

While we’re reminding you of things, schedule your back-to-school eye exam.