Proper protective eyewear can prevent up to 90% of all eye injuries


At Rx Optical, our patients trust us to protect their eyes and support overall health. That’s why we carry the best prescription safety glasses available. We take safety glasses seriously, as we know that the work our patients do when wearing them is important. Proper protective eyewear can prevent up to 90% of all eye injuries, and we are here to help.

When selecting your next pair of prescription safety glasses, make sure to keep the following in mind:

Working with a trained professional who makes sure your glasses fit correctly is key. If your prescription safety glasses are either too snug or too loose, you will find yourself struggling with them all day. It’s not safe to have to continually adjust your glasses. The right fit will allow you to not notice them at all, meaning that you can focus on what is important: the work at hand and staying safe. If you find yourself adjusting your glasses throughout the day, it’s time to make an appointment.

Selecting the right frame is so important when it comes to prescription safety glasses. Glasses that are approved to use for protection are tested for high mass impact, durability, and high velocity impact – quite the rigorous tests! Rx Optical offers superior frame selection to make sure your pair of prescription safety glasses are the best frame for you. Our glasses meet both OSHA and ANSI standards, and come in a variety of materials and finishes.

This may seem obvious, but it is not safe to wear the same pair of prescription safety glasses beyond your doctor’s orders. Regular eye exams to check to make sure your prescription strength is correct and that your frames, lenses, and fit are still on-point is an important step to ensure your eyes are healthy and protected.

With competitive prices and superior frame selection, our team is able to provide the most technically advance safety glasses on the market. Schedule an exam today to find the right frames for you.

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Did you know that there are more than 600,000 sports-related eye injuries every year, with a third of those occurring in children? Participating in sports is great for overall physical health, but can expose people to potential injury, including injuries to the eyes.

When it comes to sports, people’s first safety concerns are usually that of broken bones, bruises, scrapes, or concussions, but most fail to realize that they are not protecting something that can be vital for their well being – their sight. Every 13 minutes an emergency room in the U.S. is treating a sports-related eye injury, and patients are spending more than $175 million a year in health costs on what should usually be avoidable injuries.

Almost half of sports-related eye injuries involve children under 15, so it is very important that parents encourage their children to wear the proper eye protection. Most parents are adamant about their children wearing the correct helmets, pads or clothing when playing sports, but right now only about 15% of children are wearing proper eye protection.

With eye injuries being the leading cause of blindness in children in the United States, and most of them being sports-related, it is extremely important that children wear protective eyewear when playing sports, regardless of whether or not they already wear glasses or contacts. Regular glasses do not provide the same protection as certified protective eyewear, and can even contribute to further injury when worn while playing sports.

The most common eye injuries in sports are blunt trauma injuries, penetrating injuries and radiation injuries.

Blunt trauma injuries are when something or someone hits someone’s eye, and usually results in a bruised or black eye. More serious blunt trauma injuries can cause broken bones under the eyeball, a ruptured globe, also referred to as a “broken eyeball,” and in some cases, a detached retina, which is when part of the eye separates.

Penetrating injuries occur when something cuts the eye. This can be caused by someone else’s finger or finger nail, sports equipment, or even regular glasses that are being worn during games.

Radiation injuries are from overexposure to the sun during outdoor sports. This is very common in cycling, skiing, or water sports. It is important to find sports safety frames for these activities that provide the proper UV protection.

Sports Safety Solution Program that helps drive down costs for some of the top name brand frames.

Be sure to check out our blog later in the month where we give advice on what to look for when you are purchasing sports safety frames. We will also let you know what types of frames are recommended for different sports.

Vision is precious, and it’s time to prevent unnecessary eye injuries by protecting yourself during practice and games.

American Made Safety Frames

Rx Optical is now offering American Made ArtCraft Safety Frames. The stainless steel frames are made in Rochester, New York by ArtCraft, founded in 1918, and provide the highest quality standards in prescription safety eyewear. The strong, corrosion resistant, and lightweight frames are offered in contemporary designs, as well.

Rx Optical’s Kalamazoo, Michigan laboratory makes all lenses for a 100% American Made product. Visit any of Rx Optical’s 52 Michigan and Northern Indiana locations for the best in prescription safety eyewear.

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