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While you should be visiting us regularly, some tend to put it off until there’s a problem – who doesn’t procrastinate? Whether you’re coming in to have something checked, or just for the first time in a long time, it’s easy to be prepared. Thinking about and bringing certain things to your appointment can help ensure you are getting the most out of your visit.


Here are a few things you can ask yourself in order to assess your vision situation prior to visiting us.

  • Do I have trouble judging distance?
  • Do I have a family history of eye problems?
  • Have I noticed any changes in my vision?
  • Do I have trouble distinguishing between certain colors?
  • Do I have poor night vision?

In the time leading up to your appointment, start observing how you see things around you.


The below items will help us assess your current situation.

  • Current glasses or prescriptions
  • A list of medications (even non-prescription medications could affect your vision)
  • Insurance information
  • Your primary care doctor
  • A friend to drive you home (just in case your doctor needs to dilate your eyes) everyone loves this!


Review your insurance before coming to your appointment so you’re aware of any copays due at the time of your visit. If you have questions about your insurance, write them down and bring them to us. We have a proprietary computer billing system that is optimized for thousands of insurance plans, and it is operated by highly-skilled, billing professionals. Did we mention how friendly they are?

No insurance? Don’t worry. Our Vision Advantage Program is a savings program available through your employer or member groups like credit unions. You may have access to these savings benefits already.

So, whether it’s time for your first eye exam, you’ve noticed something different about your vision, or you’re just following up after a long time away, contact us today to make an appointment and start preparing your visit!