A cartoon sun surrounds font that reads, "National Sunglasses Day: June 27, The Vision Council."

National Sunglasses Day (UV Protection)

We all know that the sun’s rays are harmful, but it is so important to remember that not only can they harm your skin, they can also damage your eyes if they aren’t properly protected. The best way to protect your eyes from the sun is wearing sunglasses, and this year we’re protecting our eyes and celebrating eye health at the same time on National Sunglasses Day.

National Sunglasses Day is held on Wednesday, June 27 to celebrate the importance of wearing shades to protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh UV rays. To get involved and join the celebration, use the hashtag #NationalSunglassesDay and tag Rx Optical (@RxOptical on Facebook and @RxOpticalLabs on Twitter and Instagram) with your favorite pair of sunglasses. We love seeing you protect your eyes!

If you ever wondered what exactly makes UV rays harmful, here are some quick insights into why it is key to protect your eyes:

  • UV rays are broken into three different types: UVA, UVB and UVC
  • Both UVA and UVB rays reach the Earth and are dangerous to our eyes, but UVB light is the most dangerous
  • The sun’s rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. – but you still need protection throughout the whole day
  • Rays pass through clouds, meaning you need to stay protected even when there’s an overcast
  • Snow reflects up to 80 percent of UV light – so the rays are still damaging in the winter
  • UV light may be increased by an increase in humidity – making it easier to get UV damage on the coasts or in any humid environment

Stay protected and:

  • Wear sunglasses year-round and look for 99-100 percent of UVA and UVB ray protection
  • Never look directly at the sun as it can harm your vision permanently
  • Wear hats to help protect your eyes from the sun hitting your face throughout the day

At Rx Optical, we love sunglasses! Not only do they protect your eyes from harmful rays, but they also look stylish and fun. With hundreds of frames to choose from, we have a pair for every personality. To browse our selection of prescription sunglasses, call us today to set up an appointment at (800) RX-CARES!


A cartoon sun surrounds font that reads, "National Sunglasses Day: June 27, The Vision Council."

National Sunglasses Day 2018

Put your shades on for National Sunglasses Day!

Summer in Michigan is a much-anticipated time for Michiganders as we make plans to head to the beach, camp, hike, swim, boat and recover from a long winter. We get so excited in fact, that sunscreen and protecting our eyes isn’t much of a priority. This summer, please keep in mind the strength of the sun and the effect UV rays have on our eyes.

We won’t bore you with the different types of ultraviolet rays (UVA, UVB and UVC), but we do want to encourage you to participate in National Sunglasses Day with us on June 27th. Brought to you by The Vision Council, National Sunglasses Day – is a commemorative date celebrating the importance of wearing ultraviolet (UV)-protective sunwear and eyewear.

Leading up to and on June 27, post a #SunglassSelfie of yourself in your sunglasses to the social media channel of your choice using #NationalSunglassesDay and tag Rx Optical. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook! We want to showcase YOU on our social channels.

If you don’t have a great pair of sunglasses, then visit your local Rx Optical and check out our extensive selection. Our most recent blog details the latest and greatest styles for 2017.

Even when you’re not observing National Sunglasses Day, we still want you to practice sun-safe behavior! Wear your sunglasses all year long, UV rays don’t just exist in the summer.

Don’t forget to post a pic of yourself or a group of friends – we want to feature you on our social channels.

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Did you know that there are more than 600,000 sports-related eye injuries every year, with a third of those occurring in children? Participating in sports is great for overall physical health, but can expose people to potential injury, including injuries to the eyes.

When it comes to sports, people’s first safety concerns are usually that of broken bones, bruises, scrapes, or concussions, but most fail to realize that they are not protecting something that can be vital for their well being – their sight. Every 13 minutes an emergency room in the U.S. is treating a sports-related eye injury, and patients are spending more than $175 million a year in health costs on what should usually be avoidable injuries.

Almost half of sports-related eye injuries involve children under 15, so it is very important that parents encourage their children to wear the proper eye protection. Most parents are adamant about their children wearing the correct helmets, pads or clothing when playing sports, but right now only about 15% of children are wearing proper eye protection.

With eye injuries being the leading cause of blindness in children in the United States, and most of them being sports-related, it is extremely important that children wear protective eyewear when playing sports, regardless of whether or not they already wear glasses or contacts. Regular glasses do not provide the same protection as certified protective eyewear, and can even contribute to further injury when worn while playing sports.

The most common eye injuries in sports are blunt trauma injuries, penetrating injuries and radiation injuries.

Blunt trauma injuries are when something or someone hits someone’s eye, and usually results in a bruised or black eye. More serious blunt trauma injuries can cause broken bones under the eyeball, a ruptured globe, also referred to as a “broken eyeball,” and in some cases, a detached retina, which is when part of the eye separates.

Penetrating injuries occur when something cuts the eye. This can be caused by someone else’s finger or finger nail, sports equipment, or even regular glasses that are being worn during games.

Radiation injuries are from overexposure to the sun during outdoor sports. This is very common in cycling, skiing, or water sports. It is important to find sports safety frames for these activities that provide the proper UV protection.

Sports Safety Solution Program that helps drive down costs for some of the top name brand frames.

Be sure to check out our blog later in the month where we give advice on what to look for when you are purchasing sports safety frames. We will also let you know what types of frames are recommended for different sports.

Vision is precious, and it’s time to prevent unnecessary eye injuries by protecting yourself during practice and games.