Our offices are open for Eye Examinations and all other eyewear services.  Please call the office in your area to schedule your appointment.  Offices are open evenings and select Saturdays for eye examinations for your convenience.

All patients will receive a health and temperature evaluation prior to entry into the office space and all patients and staff are required to wear a surgical or two-ply cloth mask while in the office as required by MDHHS.

You may order replacement contact lenses, schedule an appointment, or contact us for any other assistance.

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We care about you. 

What’s our focus? It’s simple – YOU. We founded Rx Optical in 1947 to provide our patients with a different, family-focused experience that’s passed down from generation to generation. Our focus is comprehensive eye care that comes from a staff you love.

Come see the difference.

No matter where you live or work, we have 55+ offices to serve you. Stop in and say hi, check out our extensive eyewear collection, grab an eyeglass cleaning kit or get your current frames adjusted. You’re only a phone call, visit or email away from the eye care you’ve been waiting for.

Let us show you the Rx Optical difference. Schedule an eye exam today. We can’t wait to see you.

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Do you love your glasses? Good, because Dave makes them just for you. Who’s Dave? He’s the guy at our lab in Kalamazoo who has been creating lenses for customers for the last twenty-five years. Thanks, Dave!

Contact Lenses

Our mission is for you to love your contacts, they should be clear, comfy, and easy to wear. Stop in and check out our favorite contact brands, and chat with our awesome Vision Care Representatives.


We want you to rock your shades all year round, cool never goes out of season. We have tons of different styles; rock some aviators or go for a classic Hollywood look. Our staff is well-versed in cool, stop in and find the right fit and look for you.


Are you a fashionista, or do you love the classics? We have over 40 different brands of frames for you to choose from. Why not pick out two or three? The more the merrier, don’t deny yourself.

Member Programs

You may have access to these employee eye care savings benefits already.

Blutech Lenses

BluTech users report better sleep – allowing you to be more productive the next day. Experience less eye strain and fewer headaches from digital devices and artificial light.

Protect your eyes from over exposure to blue light emitted from LED TVs, computers, cell phones, and tablets. Blutech lenses are clinically proven to improve contrast, clarify, night vision, quality of sleep, and protect the overall health of your eyes from blue light.

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Featured Solutions

Different Options for Different Lifestyles

We are all different, that’s what makes life fun. We have great solutions for any lifestyle. Accident-prone? Desk warrior? Weightlifter? We have you covered, check out our many solutions below and stop in to see us.

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