Original Office of Rx Optical
We’re not shy about our roots as a Michigan company. The traits of the Great Lakes state run deep at Rx Optical – resilient, industrious, supportive.

The way we look at it, we’ve been working through a recession in Michigan since the year 2000. And we’re doing just great, thank you. In fact, at Rx Optical we made significant investments in new technology before the dust had even settled after the proverbial “shoe” hit the fan in 2008. We have been betting on Michigan for over 70 years and we won’t stop now.

We have been shopping local way before your favorite farm-to-table restaurant opened. And in our stores today, you’ll see seating solutions from Herman Miller and tables and fixtures custom-designed and fabricated by an artisan woodshop in West Michigan. We’ve always believed that making Michigan a part of our business, supporting our neighbors and the companies that are a part of their lives, was the right thing to do.

From our beginning in 1947 in Kalamazoo, we have expanded at a measured pace, never interested in sacrificing our commitment to our patients to a demand for growth. Steady and sure, our steps forward have come when we could afford to responsibly commit to cities and towns which were being underserved – markets where patient names had become numbers. That’s where we have always seen the opportunity to instill care and value back into a service and products that we see as pretty darn important to the lives of our patients.