Fit. Comfort. Vision. Truth is, your glasses make a statement about you and your place in the world like nothing else you wear. Here at Rx Optical, we think your glasses and frames should not only enhance your face but should fit every part of you.

So we offer a selection of designer eyeglasses and eyeglass frame styles that will suit you as well as the best staples in your wardrobe. It starts with the very best American eyewear brands and design, frames that are never boring but reflect timeless qualities. It’s a thoughtfully edited selection of eyeglasses that don’t shout but also don’t shrink in the spotlight, the kind of eyewear that people notice after they’ve first noticed you.

And if your tastes run more to the outer edges of fashion, you’ll find styles that reflect that sensibility, too. But rather than stock a haphazard assortment that runs the gamut from mild to wild, we provide eyeglass frame styles that endure. In other words, you’ll appreciate them the moment you put them on in the store – and a few years later, too.