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Beauty Hacks for Your Eyes

In this profession, we see a lot of eyes. Because we see so many, it comes to no one’s surprise that we are up to date on the latest and greatest beauty trends for eyes.

We are, of course, eye doctors, so the tips we’re about to give you prioritize your eye health while still making you look wonderful.

Make a Statement

We’ve already talked about the dangers of lash extensions. Instead, if you want to draw focus to your eyes, eyeliner is the way to go.

Although some popular styles suggest that you should apply eyeliner to your water line, you should avoid this at all costs. Putting any makeup in your eye can increase your risk of eye infections. Instead, make sure to use a vibrant eyeliner just beneath the edge of your lid.

Bonus tip: If you’re using liquid eyeliner, make sure to throw it away after three months. For pencils, be sure to toss them every two years and sharpen them so that you don’t need to apply excessive pressure.

Think with Color

Are you familiar with the color wheel? It’s basically a circle of colors that shows which complement which. Colors that are across from each other are complimentary, which means they make each other pop.

When picking the best shade of eye shadow for your eyes, reference the wheel. By choosing complimentary colors, your eyes will stand out and will be accentuated by the contrast.

  • Blue is the opposite of orange. If you have blue eyes, wear warm orange and bronze tones to really make your eyes pop.
  • Brown eyes are the most versatile and can rock almost any shade. For a daring and bold look, deep purples and cool tones are the way to go.
  • Green is across from red on the wheel. Since red isn’t the most subtle of color choices, try pink for a natural look that will still highlight your natural eye color.

If you’re looking to enhance your eye color more, speak with your eye doctor about prescription colored contacts. Don’t fall for websites online that sell a one-size-fits-all solution. These can be damaging to your eyes and can even cause blindness. Instead, schedule and appointment, and get color enhancement the safe way.

Bonus tip: Clean your makeup brushes regularly to keep contaminates out of your eyes.

Keep it Clean

Always take out your contacts and then remove your eye makeup before going to bed. When you do, use an eye makeup remover and dab at your eyes, instead of scrubbing. That keeps makeup from getting in your eye.

The skin around your eyes is fragile and extremely thin, so take special care of it. Whenever you touch the skin around your eye, be sure that your hands are clean and that you also use your ring finger. This is the gentlest finger on your hand, so it runs a lower risk of bruising your skin.

Bonus tip: While we’re talking eye safety, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t store makeup in the bathroom. Bathrooms are warm and damp, which is a great breeding ground for bacteria. Store your supplies somewhere dry, and make sure to keep caps and lids firmly affixed.

Put Health First

All of these beauty tips are great, but the most essential part of taking care of your eyes is keeping them healthy. Even the best mascara won’t offset an eye infection.

Make sure to schedule regular eye exams to check for signs of any conditions. If you ever think your eyes feel uncomfortable, or if you’re concerned about discharge or another symptom, get in to see an eye doctor. It’s best to catch circumstances like this early on before they can create lasting damage.

Our team loves helping you feel confident in your vision. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about how to rock your style while protecting your eyes.

Vision for success: 5 red flags your child has eye issues


(Originally posted on Wood TV)

When it comes to school, children’s eyes play a vital role in learning.

According to Rx Optical, up to 80 percent of learning children do is through their eyes, and one out of 10 preschoolers have vision problems that could hinder their success in the classroom. Some children struggling to see may also be misdiagnosed with attention deficit disorder.

Dr. Sherah Eavey says there are several red flags that your child may have vision problems:

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Let’s say you just found out, from Rx Optical, that you need glasses…now what? Usually, the first question that patients have is, “Glasses or contacts?” Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Our opticians will sit down with you and discuss your lifestyle, activities, and the pros and cons of both glasses and contacts. We have so many options available that you don’t need to choose one or the other.

For those that need a little extra vision enhancement, we have a ton of options to choose from. From Progressive to BlueTech lenses, to the latest contact lens technology, at RX Optical we think your glasses or lenses should not only enhance your vision but should fit every part of your life.

At Rx Optical, we offer both a wide array of lenses and frames for glasses and also competitively priced contact lenses. Here are the perks of both.


If you want your eyewear to make a statement about who you are, glasses might be the way to go. We offer an assortment of frames in styles that endure, so while your prescription might get outdated, your frames never will.

Your glasses should protect your vision and support your style. So, pair your favorite frames with the perfect lenses to blend style and function. Today, lenses do more than simply enhance your vision. BluTech lenses protect your eyes from the harmful light of your devices. Progressive Lenses make bifocal glasses less obvious and make the transition easier for the wearer.

More benefits:

  • Our specials and promotions make it easy to afford multiple frames so your glasses can fit your ever-evolving style
  • Less likely to irritate eyes, dry out eyes


When you choose contacts, the perfect fit is key. Our doctors measure you for the best fit and recommend and prescribe the latest in contact lens technology. We want you to have a comfortable contact lens wearing experience so our lenses fit all lifestyles.

If you’re worried about price, we have priced our contact lenses to beat the big names on the internet – just high enough for us to keep the lights on, but low enough to make sure you don’t need to go anywhere else.

If you lead an active lifestyle, play sports, have an active job or are constantly on the move, contacts are a great choice. For the most active wearer, daily contacts might be the best choice.

Contacts also:

  •  Won’t block peripheral vision like frames can
  •  Aren’t affected by weather conditions, won’t fog up

But, before deciding between contacts and glasses, keep in mind that one is not necessarily better than the other, and the best choice may be both. You should always have an up-to-date pair of glasses just in case you need to stop wearing your contacts, your eyes feel irritated, or you just want a different look for the day.

If you’re still unsure which route to go, give us a call today at (800) RX CARES.

70th anniversary blog images 516


We have been proudly serving Michigan for 70 years. In fact, today is our birthday! To celebrate, the Rx Optical way, we wanted to share some fun facts about our employees, company and history.

Did you know?

1. We are in over 53 locations statewide. Just recently we opened a new Ann Arbor and Breton Village location. Catch all the details on our Facebook page.

2. Our first location was in the Kalamazoo State Theatre building on South Burdick Street.

3. Our founding partners were, Charles W. Kruizenga, D.W. Ripley and Neil Ruimveld. Together they had over 70 years of experience.

4. Our fleet is Ford powered. Not only are we locally owned and operated we are also proud to support Michigan’s automotive industry.

5. All of our glasses are made locally at our lab in Kalamazoo. Remember Dave?

6. Our first expansion happened in 1969 when we added a second location.

7. We have our very own Rx Optical Academy where we train all of our opticians to design and fit eyewear. We make sure you get the perfect fit every time.

8. We go the extra step of requiring our opticians to be ABO (American Board of Opticianry) Certified. This is not required by the State of Michigan but we want our opticians to be the best of the best.

9. Each year we celebrate our anniversary with an awards banquet to honor our associates. We hand out Service and Above and Beyond awards to those who have truly embraced the Rx Optical mission.

From our beginning in 1947 in Kalamazoo, we have expanded at a measured pace, never interested in sacrificing our commitment to our patients to a demand for growth. Steady and sure, our steps forward have come when we could afford to responsibly commit to cities and towns which were being underserved – markets where patient names had become numbers. That’s where we have always seen the opportunity to instill care and value back into a service and products that we see as pretty darn important to the lives of our patients.

As we embrace our 70th year in business, we would like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of our heart. We are here because of you and for that we could not be more grateful.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand each of our patient's unique needs and then develop customized , high quality solutions to meet those needs.


Our people make us better and we’re not just talking about our opticians, but our technicians and eyeglass specialists. In fact, if you were to wander into our lab you would see Dave (pictured above) who oversees everything there. He spends hours ensuring your eyeglasses get the personal attention they deserve.

In our blog last week, we talked about our mantra: patients are people, not numbers. We credit that to Dave and everyone else that works at Rx Optical. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand each of our patients’ unique needs and then develop customized, high quality solutions to meet those needs.

We know your life is demanding and eye health can often take a back seat to other things. As we enter May, Vision Health Month, we want to remind you to give your eyes the attention they need and deserve

We guarantee a customized experience with our certified opticians (and Dave). Whether you’re in need of a full eye exam or a simple frame adjustment, give your eyes some extra attention this month by scheduling an appointment.

While you are there you can also browse our wide selection of products. We use the highest quality frames and lenses to make sure you have a positive wearing experience day-in and day-out.

Life is too short for blurred vision, stop in and get your custom eye care solution today.

One last thing, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your vision care – we don’t take you for granted.

Happy Vision Health Month!