A woman wearing pink holds up pink tortoise shell glasses while text next to her reads, "Ready to fall in love with your glasses?"

Falling in Love with Your Glasses

Whether you’ve been wearing glasses your entire life, or just got your first pair, it is important that you feel comfortable in your frames and love wearing them. Why? Glasses are an important part of your everyday wardrobe and something that you should be able to have a little fun with. Once you find a perfect pair of glasses that make you swoon, be sure to treat them with extra care.

Ready to fall in love with your glasses? Our team of experts are here to help you find the perfect match.

Finding the Perfect Pair

Just because glasses may be a necessity, or something you depend on, doesn’t mean they can’t also be seen as a fun accessory. With endless style options available, there is no doubt that every person can find a pair of glasses that perfectly suits them.

A great place to start is looking at frames that will complement your face shape, and lucky for you, we have created a guide to help you do just that.

If you’re unsure of what type of frame you are looking for, let our expert team of opticians, who have a great sense of style and knowledge of the latest eyewear trends, help you. By taking many different style factors into account, our team will be able to find you a pair of glasses that you not only love, but that will leave you with a renewed sense of confidence.

Our experienced opticians are dedicated to providing Rx Optical patients with the best experience possible and can help you pick from the more than 40 designer brands that we carry. Try on as many as you need, as we know finding the perfect match takes a little time!

Take Care

After you’ve fallen in love with your glasses, you’ll want to keep them safe and clean. It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time glasses wearer, or just picked up your first pair yesterday, bad habits surrounding your glasses care can develop quickly.

When taking care of your glasses, don’t forget to:

  • Use both hands when putting them on or taking them off, as this will keep frames from becoming misaligned.
  • Keep them on your nose, not on top of your head.
  • Store them in a safe place at night. Whether it is on a level night stand, or in a case, make sure the arms are gently folded in and they are resting on the arms, never the lenses.
  • Clean your lenses regularly.

Keeping your lenses clean is important when it comes to ensuring you are getting the clearest view possible. We carry an effective lens cleaning kit at all of our locations. The Rx Optical PHD-50 Lens Cleaning Kit, which is included with our Worry-Free Warranty, contains a 6-ounce cleaner spray bottle, 30 pre-moistened lens cloths, and a microfiber cloth. Our cleaning solution is safe for all lenses and coatings, and was developed to work fast. The kit is available for $12.95 when purchased separately from our Worry-Free Warranty.

Speaking of our Worry-Free Warranty, it is always better to be safe than sorry. We offer a comprehensive 25-month warranty that will help ease your mind and keep your glasses safe. Our warranty covers scratched, broken, or lost eyeglasses.

Because we want you to love your glasses each and every day, our team at Rx Optical is dedicated to helping you find your perfect match! Not loving your current glasses or think you might need a change? Stop by and see us soon!

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April is Sports Eye Safety Month, so we are working to spread awareness about the importance of wearing proper eye protection when playing sports. Our previous blog touched on the staggering statistics of those not properly protecting their eyes during games, the most common types of sports-related eye injuries, and why it is especially important for children under 15 to be protecting their eyes. Once you make the smart decision to purchase sports safety glasses, there are a few things to keep in mind:

If you already wear prescription glasses, the team at Rx Optical can fit your sport frames with the correct lenses. Wearing regular glasses while playing sports does not provide you with proper protection and can potentially lead to further injury.

It is important that you feel comfortable when wearing your sports safety frames, as it should become a habit to wear them often. It may feel strange at first when you put them on, but you will slowly get used to the frames and it should not affect your game performance. Make sure to adjust the straps on the frames to ensure they are not too tight or too loose. Being slightly uncomfortable at first is no doubt better than a trip to the emergency room for an eye injury.

When looking for frames, make sure that they are labeled as ASTM F803 approved. This means the eyewear has been approved to adequately provide the highest levels of protection while playing sports. The sports safety glasses packaging should also say that the frames have been tested for sports use.

Some sports safety frames come without lenses, but in order to have the highest level of protection, it is important to use only “lensed” frames. Frames without lenses may stop a larger ball or piece of equipment from hitting the eyeball, but you are then still vulnerable to penetrating injuries from fingers, debris or smaller equipment. If you are playing outdoor sports, also check that the lenses provide UV protection.


Sports safety lenses should be made from polycarbonate materials, as this provides the highest level of impact protection. This material can withstand a ball or other projectiles traveling at 90-miles per hour. Polycarbonate lenses will not reduce vision.

In order to find the recommended frames for a variety of different sports, talk with the team at Rx Optical, or refer to this helpful chart (page 5) provided by The Vision Council and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education.

Rx Optical carries an extensive line of sports safety glasses, including options from sports safety frame leaders HILCO and WileyX. Our collection offers sports safety glasses that are made with high-impact polycarbonate lenses, which are scratch resistant and provide 100% UV protection.

Our team at Rx Optical can help you find the right fit and ensure that you are fully protected when playing your favorite sport. Stop into your nearest Rx Optical office soon to browse our collection of sports safety frames. It’s time to make wearing sports safety glasses a habit.

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In our last blog, we shared frames for any face shape as well as the best frames for a square face. As promised, we are going to explore round, oval and heart face shapes.

Not sure what shape your face is? Use this guide to determine your shape and then use the tips below to choose your perfect frame from Rx Optical.

An oval face has balanced features with a slightly narrower forehead and jaw. Oval faces work with a wide variety of frames so if this is you, go crazy!

oval frames example
Dolce and Gabana frames are known for having contrasting yet complementary features. The contrast of square against an oval face is a sophisticated way to accent your features.

Those with round faces are known for having full cheeks and a rounded chin. Most likely, your forehead and jaw will be the same width.

If you have a round face,you should choose frames that are wider than they are tall, and have hard angles to complement the soft curves of your face. The cateye is a fun frame that looks great on a round face.

round formatting example

While not as an exaggerated of a cateye as some frames, our Tiffany & Co collection is perfect for those seeking glamour and uniqueness.Inspired by Tiffany’s exclusive diamond collection and recognized icons and logos, these frames represent modern luxury and timeless elegance.

Heart-shaped faces are broadest at the forehead and taper through the jawline to a narrow chin. Otherwise known as an upside down triangle, frames that are slightly wider than the forehead will fit this shape best.


heart frames example

These frames from Ogi Eyewear are distinct in that they are bold, yet wearable. The rectangle frames on the left are the perfect complement to a heart-shaped face.

No matter your face shape, our American Board-Certified Opticians will consult with you and assist in finding eyewear most appropriate for your face, tastes, and prescription.

We would love to hear from you! Share with us your favorite frames in the comment section below.

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Every face is unique. From perfectly round to long and chiseled, every dimple, curve and line is completely yours and should be accented, not hidden, by the frames that help enhance your vision. When it’s time to pick out the perfect frame, use our tips below to help determine the frame shape that will bring out your best features and help them shine.

Not sure what shape your face is? Use this guide to determine your shape and then use the tips below to help choose your perfect frame from Rx Optical.

If you’re still not sure what shape your face is, or you just don’t want to take the time to find out, wayfarer frames are right for you. Wayfarer glasses are characterized by a trapezoidal frame shape and thick rims, and fit most shapes, but mostly those with any roundness to them. At Rx Optical, you can find Dolce & Gabbana wayfarer frames for a glamorous yet unconventional look.
eyeglasses example

No matter your face shape, these might be the frames for you.

Square faces have a prominent jawline that is the same width as the forehead. Curved frames to offset the angles work best on this face.

eyeglasses example

Savile Row frames are handmade to order in England and are just one of the Boutique frames we carry at Rx Optical. These round frames have a famous following and have not only been worn by a wide-range of celebrities, but were also featured in the Harry Potter movies. More than 100 models were made for Daniel Radcliffe, earning them the nickname “The Harry Potter frame.”

We know, there are more face shapes than we’ve listed. Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon! In the meantime, stop in and see us or call to set up an appointment to browse the frames we’ve mentioned! Not sure what you want? Our American Board Certified Opticians will consult with you and help design the eyewear most appropriate for your face, tastes, and prescription! Give us a call! (800) RX-CARES

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No two people are alike. Which means, no two pairs of glasses should be alike either! Depending on your lifestyle, your personality, your fashion preferences and your vision, you may need (or want) different glasses for different aspects of your life. We make the process simple by providing all styles of glasses in one location, the hard part will be picking just one pair.

Whatever your style, we have a wide selection of frames to meet your needs.

The Fashionista

At Rx Optical we think your glasses and frames should not only enhance your face but should fit every part of you.

No matter your tastes, sensible or on the outer edge of fashion, you’ll find a large curated selection of glasses that are not only fun and functional but also embrace your inner fashionista.

Fashionistas will love the following brands:

Kensie – Kensie is a world of trends with a feminine, yet raw spin and a dose of playful positive charisma.

Michael Kors – Michael Kors’ eyewear collections capture the glamor and effortless sophistication

Ray-Ban – Thanks to investments and the launch of new collections and styles, Ray−Ban has become one of the world’s most iconic brands.

Sports Junkie

Do you play a different sport every season? Do you live an active lifestyle thaty our glasses can’t keep up with? Your vision is precious, prevent unnecessary injury by making sure proper eye protection is worn during practices and games.Even on-the-job industrial safety glasses don’t provide the right eye protection during sports. Our sports goggles form unique shapes and mold to fit your head to stay in place during intense activity. Different frames fit different sports, and your sports frames should match your current prescription so make sure to stop in or give us a call before you hit the court (or field,or track).

The Sports Junkie will score with these brands:

Nike – Products are developed for each category of sport within Nike, which are sport inspired and for the athlete in everyone, from lifestyle sunglasses to ophthalmic frames.

Oakley – Oakley is one of the leading product design and sport performance brands in the world with products that world-class athletes depend on to compete at the highest level possible.

Youth Force – Wiley X brings its legendary protective eyewear technology to a line of RX-able eyewear for youth sports participants.


We have lenses and frames for the whole family! Did you know that an estimated 10 million children age 10 and younger have vision problems? If your child struggles to see across classrooms or read the book in front of them, bring them in. The earlier a problem is detected, the better. And, we have the frames to fit their individual personalities.

For kids, we have your favorite brands available for our young counterparts! Look for:

Ray-Ban Jr.

Lacoste Kids/Youth

Nike Flexon Kids

No matter what frames you choose, you’re uniquely you. Stop by or call Rx Optical (800)RX-CARES) and experience the Rx Difference.


Let’s say you just found out, from Rx Optical, that you need glasses…now what? Usually, the first question that patients have is, “Glasses or contacts?” Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Our opticians will sit down with you and discuss your lifestyle, activities, and the pros and cons of both glasses and contacts. We have so many options available that you don’t need to choose one or the other.

For those that need a little extra vision enhancement, we have a ton of options to choose from. From Progressive to BlueTech lenses, to the latest contact lens technology, at RX Optical we think your glasses or lenses should not only enhance your vision but should fit every part of your life.

At Rx Optical, we offer both a wide array of lenses and frames for glasses and also competitively priced contact lenses. Here are the perks of both.


If you want your eyewear to make a statement about who you are, glasses might be the way to go. We offer an assortment of frames in styles that endure, so while your prescription might get outdated, your frames never will.

Your glasses should protect your vision and support your style. So, pair your favorite frames with the perfect lenses to blend style and function. Today, lenses do more than simply enhance your vision. BluTech lenses protect your eyes from the harmful light of your devices. Progressive Lenses make bifocal glasses less obvious and make the transition easier for the wearer.

More benefits:

  • Our specials and promotions make it easy to afford multiple frames so your glasses can fit your ever-evolving style
  • Less likely to irritate eyes, dry out eyes


When you choose contacts, the perfect fit is key. Our doctors measure you for the best fit and recommend and prescribe the latest in contact lens technology. We want you to have a comfortable contact lens wearing experience so our lenses fit all lifestyles.

If you’re worried about price, we have priced our contact lenses to beat the big names on the internet – just high enough for us to keep the lights on, but low enough to make sure you don’t need to go anywhere else.

If you lead an active lifestyle, play sports, have an active job or are constantly on the move, contacts are a great choice. For the most active wearer, daily contacts might be the best choice.

Contacts also:

  •  Won’t block peripheral vision like frames can
  •  Aren’t affected by weather conditions, won’t fog up

But, before deciding between contacts and glasses, keep in mind that one is not necessarily better than the other, and the best choice may be both. You should always have an up-to-date pair of glasses just in case you need to stop wearing your contacts, your eyes feel irritated, or you just want a different look for the day.

If you’re still unsure which route to go, give us a call today at (800) RX CARES.