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Flying balls and racquets. Tackles. Elbows. Finger. Dust. Dirt.
Back to school also means back to sports and myriad of things that can cause injuries, specifically eye injuries, to your child.

Prevent Blindness America reports that hospital emergency rooms treat more than 40,000 eye injuries every year that are sports-related. Any sport in which balls, racquets or flying objects are present pose a potential for eye injury. No matter the sport, there is almost always the opportunity for an eye injury.

Basketball, baseball, football, and soccer all hold the risk of scratches to the cornea or an inflamed iris. With rougher sports like football, they run the risk of a fractured eye socket or a swollen retina. So, whether your kids are playing hockey or tennis, their eyes should be protected.

For protection during any contact sport, regular glasses and contacts are not enough. Even on-the-job industrial safety glasses don’t provide adequate protection for sports. Specific sports goggles should be worn both in practice and during games. Sports goggles form unique shapes and fit to your child’s head to stay in place during intense activity.

Different frames are best for different sports and the best way to find the right fit is to get measured. If they don’t fit right, they won’t stay in place and offer proper protection. If your child already wears glasses or contacts, it’s important to make sure you get matching prescriptions.

While the thought of spending more money on more sports equipment for your kids may make you shudder, Rx Optical can take the pain out of purchasing sport safety glasses with our Sport Safety Solution Program.

Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our Sport Safety Solution Program and to schedule you an appointment for your child. Hurry, an eye exam is cheaper than a visit to the emergency room.

Nike Vision at Rx Optical

This year Rx Optical has brought in Reps from Nike to train employees on products and brand images. The training sessions were designed to help Rx Optical opticians and managers become aware of the brands, trends, and benefits of Nike Vision to better serve patients.

The Nike training, which took place April 21-24, was held at the Rx Optical Corporate Offices in Kalamazoo. Rx Optical is one of the select Nike distributors in Michigan. Nike reps trained Rx Optical employees on Nike Vision.

Nike has combined the science of vision with their expertise in sports to make premium products for adults, teens, and children. Nike has created frames with bold styling and performance for even the toughest athletes. Active Tech is a group of frames for ages 20-65 looking for a product with technical benefits and high quality materials. Active Core frames are made from premium materials and are super durable and light weight. Nike Express is for teens and young adults with very modern and colorful designs. Nike is the number one brand for consumers ages 5-16 as kids are trying to find their place in sports and searching for their identities. Parents trust the brand and Nike offers durable product choices.

Nike Vision also specializes in sunglasses for athletes. The Compete frames are adjustable, are made from the best materials, and have optimum features for specific sports. They are feather light for running, provide maximum peripheral vision for baseball, and special tinted lenses for golfers. The Train frames have fewer adjustable features than Compete frames, but they are still designed for sport usage with rubber nose pads and temple inserts. Express frames are all about style with a touch of sportiness.

Nike Vision offers many different choices for many different athletes. It is a trusted brand among adults, teens, and children of all ages. Rx Optical opticians are trained in all areas of Nike Vision and are able to dispense the best possible glasses to their patients.

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Rx Optical Launches New Sport Program

Rx Optical is dedicated to educating both children and adults on the importance of maintaining eye health and safety.

According to The National Institutes of Health’s National Eye Institute, each year, 42,000 sports-related eye injuries in the United States require a trip to the emergency room – that is the equivalent of one serious eye injury every 13 minutes! The good news is that 90% of eye injuries are preventable with the proper eye protection.

The best way to prevent a sports-related eye injury is to wear sport-specific protective eyewear that fits properly. Glasses and contact lenses do not provide the eye protection needed during sports or other activities.

This is why Rx Optical has launched its new sport program offering special prices for adult’s and children’s sport frames and lenses. This program will allow athletes to protect their eyes at the best price possible.

The program will include brands like Leader Sport, Hilco, Rec Spec, and Wiley X. Each frame will include polycarbonate lenses-the thinnest, lightest, and safest lens available. Prices for frames and lenses start at only $87. Special prices on polarized lenses and non-glare coating are also available with this program.

When it comes to your eyes, there is no spare pair!

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